TCM and a bunch of random stuff

McClure's Bloody Mary Mix
I’m excited to watch the first episode of season 2 of Top Chef Masters tonight. Good luck to my friend, chef Mark Peel. In honor of the premiere, here’s one of my weird, totally random posts… First up, McClure’s Pickles. I got to try their spicy pickles at a cool event at the Martha Stewart offices for that Tastemakers article in the April issue. Their Bloody Mary Mix was in the gift bag, but I don’t really like Bloody Mary’s. I gave mine to Gypsy — hey, G, did you like it? I’m thinking yes.
Mad Mac macrons
Speaking of that Martha Stewart event, the team from Mad Mac was there. I’ve tried some good macarons before, but seriously, these were out of this world. Mind you, they were piping them fresh, on the spot. What’s not to love, right? Even if you think you know good macarons, go out of your way to try these.
Yonah Schimmel
Next up, Yonah Schimmel. We got these before seeing The Exploding Girl at the Landmark Sunshine Theater (awesome movie, btw).
Of course I went to the first Manhattan branch of the famous Korean fried chicken restaurant chain, Kyochon, on opening day! I liked it very much, although I would have had to order at least twice as much food to be satisfied, and that would be really pricey. Try it when you’re not very hungry.
Dolmas (stuffed grape leaves) sandwich
Wait a second… was this what we ate before seeing The Exploding Girl? Now I can’t remember, but if you want to try the best stuffed grape leaves (dolmas) sandwich anywhere, go to Bereket. The photo is a little insane, no?
The Meatball Shop
I’ve tried The Meatball Shop two more times, and it’s still amazing. Seriously, it belongs on your must-try list if you’re visiting NYC. Skip Little Italy and just go here. Thank me later.
Pommes Frites
Speaking of must-try’s… put Pommes Frites on the list. Yeah, I know half of Manhattan is lined up outside, but it’s worth it. I think that’s the Vietnamese Pineapple Mayo. Drool. A heart attack in a cone.
Jen in East Village
Umm, that’s Jen, posing on line in front of Pommes Frites. Hey, you gotta do something to pass the time.
Wonton Garden
I noticed this painted on the sidewalk in front of Wonton Garden in Chinatown and had to take a photo. Great place, by the way.

22 thoughts on “TCM and a bunch of random stuff

  1. First off…great necklace. It goes perfectly with her tights which I love. I wish I could pull off the tights look. Anyways, Vietnamese Pineapple Mayo? I have never heard of that. Why did my parents leave this out when I was growing up? I'm off to google a recipe for it. 🙂

  2. I want some pomme frites. I remember the first time I saw those on some show, i knew I had to try them. Hopefully I'll be able to travel to NY soon. *crossing fingers*

  3. I have now added about a gazillion restaurants to my list of places to eat at thanks to this post! Not complaining. I should eat out more. Really enjoy what the city has to offer foodwise. I'm SO excited for Top Chef Masters!

  4. mhel: well, those photos span a few weeks. and thanks.joanna: thanks. and i'm not saying that mayo is authentic or anything. they've got a lot of crazy toppings at this place, very bold flavorsjenn: glad i could help with the list of places to tryjoanne: ha, well, at least most of the places i write about are cheap! TCM was pretty entertaining, but it looks like some crazy episodes are still to come.

  5. I'm totally excited about Top Chef Masters, but had to record last night's premiere episode, hoping to watch it tonight. Thanks for the heads up about Mad Mac, i just checked out their website and noticed their macarons are gluten-free (if you didn't notice when tasting them I guess that's a good thing!) And great recommendations, putting them all on my the poutine's pretty good at Pomme Frites pps. if you don't like bloody marys try the Canadian version – a 'caesar'

  6. Good foods! You are treating you palate very well:-))Tell Jen that she got very good taste on tights, pls. Her blog is awesome. I definitely learned a lot. Good eye on the necklace!

  7. phyllis: yeah, what was up with the 11pm time? i read that they were gluten-free, but all i cared about was that they were amazing. i like everything at PF. and i've never heard of that canadian drink… thanks.chinesekite: thanks on all counts

  8. those pommes frites look AWESOME! I wish I had a guy like you – you seem so caring and always thinking of/writing about Jen 🙂

  9. I had to stay up till MIDNIGHT to watch Top Chef in my part of the world. Despite that, I'm excited for the season. Your blog is great. What a fun find!

  10. first of all those macaroons look to die for… i just caught the Iron chef and was so excited Susan F won because I met her and she is a great lady… didn't like that Govind lost because I've also met him and he is really nice too… have a nice weekend!

  11. veeda: yeah, i had to stay up quite late too! and thanks.punctuationmark: i've met susan too, and she is cool. i've never met govind, but i've tried his food, and so i was routing for him. but hey, everyone can't win.

  12. I love this post of awesome randomness. And Jen's tights; they're hot! I'm not a bloody mary fan either, but my fiance is obsessed…he orders them at all hours of the day which seems weird to me. I just can't get into them…they just taste like gazpacho in a glass to me (and I don't like gazpacho either).

  13. muneeba: yeah, i'm dreaming about those fries right now tooalejandra: ha, then you're just like me. i'm not so into gazpacho, and I certainly don't want to drink it in a glass with boozesarah vino: thank on both counts

  14. 'Caesar' cocktail: vodka, Mott's clamato juice, worcestershire sauce, salt & pepper, garnished with a celery stick or a sturdy green bean, served in a glass rimmed with celery salt. Weird but good!

  15. Wow that croquembouche of macarons looks amazing!!! That's definitely professional. I watch Top Chef Masters online, and I thoroughly enjoy watching top chefs working in the kitchen. Brilliant food blog you have here too!

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