it’s still soup season

Curried Lentil Soup
It’s hot, then it’s cold, then it’s hot, and then it’s cold again. If you live in the Northeastern U.S., you probably know what I mean. Today was chilly, so I’ve got soup on my mind. I’ve been fooling around with lentils lately, and I think “curried” is the way to go. This was super easy. I sauteed some carrots and onion in oil. Next I tossed in some whole canned tomatoes and mashed them up a bit. Then I added stock, dried lentils, and some curry powder. I let that simmer for a while. I tweaked the spices a bit and found that hot paprika really compliments the curry flavor, and adds some zing too. That’s about it — an easy, meat-free meal.

28 thoughts on “it’s still soup season

  1. very nice justin…we make a similar curry with red kidney beans…minus the stock ofcourse…:)..but i do have a can of beans with me n' i didn't know what to do with it…so i'm gonna give this recipe a try 🙂 (even though it's mostly hot here)..;)

  2. Yummy soup. I'm in need of some yummy would. Luckily the weather here seems like it going to be in the chilly side for a little bit. Makes me happy.

  3. I think I have tried something like that in a local Persian Kebab canteen here. It was also curried lentil soup, but the lentil was put in a blender with some yellow curry. The lady said it's called "Addas Soup".. IT was really good….

  4. Seriously what is UP with this weather? It's no wonder that not a single new vegetable has come into season here. Where is the rhubarb. THAT is my question.This soup looks delicious! I love curried lentils. Just looking at it put me in a better mood.

  5. miri: if you're saying you're a vegetarian, then i'm sure this would work with vegetable stock too. water might dilute things a bit too much. i might try a variation with beans too.jenn: luckily?aw786: thanks for visiting my blogana: thanksmhel: i thought about pureeing some of this soup — that would be nice for a variation in texture.ann: that would be nicejoanne: right, the weather is a mystery lately, so i made soup again last lassie: thanks for stopping bycherine: thanks

  6. I'm all abt easy, and many times abt meat-free … but that latter bit just wouldn't fly with my hubbs 😉 You're right though .. still soup season in my neck of the woods too!

  7. Totally hear you on this one! My allergies have been brutal lately so I made minestrone last night for a bit of comfort. Your soup looks yummy, love the addition of the curry powder and paprika, with my muted senses I need serious flavor boosts like that!

  8. muneeba: well, this soup could probably work with a little meat of some kind toophyllis: me too with the allergies. sunday was brutal, and I don't normally think of myself as having bad seasonal allergies.

  9. anjelikuh: right, lentils run the risk of being really boring, so they need some helppeachkins: hmm, when it gets scorching hot here, soup is not on my mind

  10. We have the same weather pattern happening here. According to the weather man, "We might even see a snowflake or two tomorrow." Seriously?! It's April. C'mon! I've also been thinking of lentils lately. Seeing lots of recipes. I think that this soup looks and sounds wonderful. I've just got to find some hot paprika. This might be just what I need to counteract tomorrow's "snow flake or two."

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