Sam is back (and a giveaway)

Sam the Cooking Guy Awesome Recipes & Kitchen Shortcuts
Note: This drawing is now closed… Where does the time go… I’m publishing my second book with Sam the Cooking Guy this week and it’s called Awesome Recipes and Kitchen Shortcuts? Who is Sam the Cooking Guy? Well, he’s a practically a rockstar in San Diego, and you may have seen him when he was on Discovery Health (now FitTV). But if you don’t know anything about Sam, you might want to visit his Web site and check out some video clips from his show. The new book is pure Sam — totally fun, in your face, casual cooking for everyone, but this one includes some cool color photos too. And if you really want to see Sam in action, check him out on the Today Show on Monday morning. He’s been on the show a number of times before, and it’s always pretty exciting to see him live. I’ll post a link here to Monday’s segment as soon as I can. I almost forgot to say that if you want to be entered in a giveaway for the new book (and you live in the U.S.), just post a comment here saying something like, “Enter me.” If you don’t want to be in the giveaway, that’s okay too.

24 thoughts on “Sam is back (and a giveaway)

  1. cool lassie: okay, you're intramie and dawn: thanks for stopping by. something tells me you did want to be entered, but you didn't really say so. i guess i'll enter you and then if you win and don't want the book, i'll choose someone else. and thanks about the cover.recipediva: his site is a lot of funa.m.: so you have his first one? yay. you're in for the drawingchinesekite: okay, and thanksjenn: thanks. i assume you want to be entered too, because you've entered before. heck, i think you've even won a drawing before.cherine: same for you I guess. i think you want to be entered even though you didn't say so. thanks about the cover.

  2. justinnnnn……….please enter me…hearty congrats on your second book…just love love the snaps on the cover…just a small doubt…if not fish what else will the 'roasted red pepper sauce' be good with?

  3. Enter me 🙂 I just checked out Sam's sample recipes on Amazon and I love how simple and yummy they are. And I just watched him make poutine on the Today show on youtube (did you know he grew up in Vancouver?)

  4. the dish: okay, you're inmiri: hmm, good question about the sauce, but I'm not sure I know the answer — i'm just the editor, not the author. either way, you're in the drawing.esther: thanks, and you're inveeda: glad you've seen it. you're in.ann: thanks, and your'e in.phyllis: yeah, i knew that. his wife is canadian too. funny, right? sam did a segment for the Today Show live from the Olympics since he's from there originally. so you're in.

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