Massachusetts and the winner

Bakery Normand, Northampton, Mass
First, the winner of the giveaway for a copy of Sam the Cooking Guy: Awesome Recipes and Kitchen Shortcuts is… Esther from Ambitious Deliciousness. (Esther, I think Sam would definitely approve of your post about fish tacos with Sriracha mayo.) Thanks, everyone, for entering. Now about the treat in the photo. I forget what they called it, but I’ll call it o.m.g. It’s three amazing cookies stacked up and draped in chocolate. I thought it was three separate cookies at first, but no, this is one solid mass of yum.
Bakery Normand, Northampton, Mass
I haven’t been traveling much lately, so it’s strange that I was up in the Amherst, Mass area last weekend, and I’m leaving for the IACP conference in Portland, OR tomorrow. My daughter and I took a side trip to Northampton, which is where we found Bakery Normand and the yummy layered-cookie treat. If you’re in the area, definitely stop by.
Judie's, Amherst, Mass
We also met up with Dede Wilson for lunch at Judie’s in Amherst. Five words — gigantic popovers with apple butter. Sorry I didn’t get a photo. Their sweet potato fries are pretty awesome too.

10 thoughts on “Massachusetts and the winner

  1. Congrats to Esther on winning the book!The decadent cookie stack is making me go weak in the knee.Very wicked-like and would give a similar tier on my hips after compulsive consuming,I am sure!

  2. Congratulations to Esther! Those cookies look amazing! I love the idea of three cookies stuck together with chocolate! I there anything more perfect and delicious?I agree with you Justin they should just rename those cookies to O.M.G!

  3. cool lassie: ha, that's pretty funnymhel: a week? i crave sweets 24/7!catherine: right. maybe they'll read the post and rename it.sarclover: thanks so muchmiri: huh?

  4. That 3 cookie concoction is sick (in a good way). And giant popovers with apple butter – no need for a photo, I can envision them just fine in my head. Have a safe trip 🙂

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