squid & chorizo

Squid Chorizo Pasta
Who knew squid and chorizo were a perfect combination? I guess Bill Granger did, because this is another great recipe I found in his book Feed Me Now. I don’t think the book is available in the United States, but if you live in the U.K., you can get it here, and if you live in Australia, you can probably get it anywhere they sell books. The pasta couldn’t be much easier, and it’s bursting with flavor thanks to the chorizo, tomato paste, garlic, and cherry tomatoes. I don’t have much else to say — it’s just a great dish. I’m still a little jet-lagged from my trip to Portland, but I hope to post some photos about that soon.

19 thoughts on “squid & chorizo

  1. Hi JustinLove the combination of squid and chorizo,very popular in Spain and Portugal.Your dish looks delicious.Just try to combine scallops and chorizo, awesome.Have a great day x

  2. This dish looks neatly and cleanly tasty! Thanks for sharing with us.Oh, I made the cauliflower dish last week. It was a dish that is enough to feed an army. It was tasty and could be tastier if I have broiled it a bit longer but my busy hubby could not wait just a bit longer. I have to say, it is the tastiest cauliflower dish I've ever had. Thanks again.

  3. jenn: you should definitely try it morenina: thankssook: hmm, i didn't know it was hard to find in some placesana: oh really? I wondered where this combination came from.lpr: thanks for visitingann: i hope you dochinesekite: oh really? that's great.catherine: right. it's fun to cook with sometimes

  4. Yum! I think anything tastes good with chorizo. The squid rings look really tender, I don't really cook with squid because I'm always afraid to overcook it. I remember my mom always slicing a crosshatch pattern that helped tenderize it and made it look pretty cool!

  5. I was crazing for some seafood pasta.. And your post just punishes me even more haha…. Ive given you an award! checkout my last post… U

  6. lorraine: if you have the book, you should definitely try itphyllis: i've definitely had tough squid, but i've had luck cooking it. i like how that cross-hatch technique looks in asian cooking.mhel: thanks, i'll check it out.

  7. anjelikuh: thankskerstin: voodoo is the best… oh, and i think you meant to write this comment for a different postmurasaki: thanks

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