Su-chin Pak and food & craft fairs

Hester Street Fair
After having so much fun in Portland, I was nearly in an “I don’t heart NYC” funk. But this was a particularly cool foodie weekend in the Big Apple. No, I’m not talking about the James Beard Awards. I’m talking about the new and interesting food & craft fairs around town.
Hester Street Fair
I’m liking the new Hester Street Fair. Steve told me I could get Montreal-style bagels here. I’m wondering if the vendors change from day to day, because there were no bagels in sight. There were crafty vendors, artisan breads, lobster rolls, empanadas, tacos, and…
pretzel at Hester Street Fair
Cheddar-Truffle pretzels with whole grain mustard from Sigmund. That definitely hit the spot for a late breakfast. I’ve never been to the real Sigmund on Avenue B, so this was a treat. The thing was, it was about 10,000 degrees out, with insane humidity on Sunday at around noon. I needed something cool, fast.
Mango Chili pop
This mango-chili ice pop from La Newyorkina came to my rescue. Great, fresh flavor with just enough spice.
Justin Schwartz and Su-Chin Pak
That’s me of course. And if you’re wondering about the title of this post, Su-chin Pak from MTV was there. I’m not exactly sure what her connection is with the Hester Street Fair, but I got a little excited and Jen took this photo for me.
Brooklyn Lyceum Fair
The location of the Brooklyn Lyceum event on 4th Avenue seemed a bit odd from the outside, as if maybe the building is under construction. If there weren’t so many cool people heading inside, you wouldn’t think you were in the right place.
Brooklyn Lyceum Fair
But inside there were three levels of vendors. Besides Lauren Haupt’s jewelry, some highlights included the Bacon Marmalade (go out of your way to try this), the bourbon brownies from Robicelli’s, and the kimchee dogs from Mama O’s.

20 thoughts on “Su-chin Pak and food & craft fairs

  1. I love that inconspicuous "take my picture, but make sure Su-Chin Pak is in the background" pic of you. I've done that many times. hahaha… Interesting she was there. I want that pretzel. I think I'll make myself a mango pop. Yum!!!!

  2. Oooh…I want that cheddar truffle pretzel on steroids! The Su-chin Pak photo is hilarious, I get star struck pretty easily too but I probably wouldn't have noticed her sitting there. And what's up with this crazy heatwave? I think it's supposed to cool down by the end of the week 🙂

  3. sook: both fairs are good, and the hester one is apparently every weekend (while the weather is nice)phyllis: she was right behind the pretzel stand, and so i couldn't miss her.juliana: apparently there are different stands, depending on when you go, so i'll have to visit againsusan: yeah, those pretzels are funny because i used to eat them when i was a little kid, from the hot dog guys. then i realized just how nasty those hot dog carts are, so besides the occasional trip to a suburban mall, it's been a long time since i've had a big, soft pretzel, and certainly none made with truffle anything

  4. I love a good street fair! In fact, I think I could wander around there all day long. I love chatting it up with vendors and listening to their stories. Creative people make me smile! Thank you for sharing this experience. Love the pic of Su-chin! I saw Ellie Krieger on my flight to NYC and I almost fainted. I so badly wanted to snap a pic, but settled for a subtle grin and head nod instead.

  5. lpr: oh really? yeah, it seemed perfect.nicole: that's funny. ellie is so nice in person, i bet she wouldn't have minded if you asked for a photo.

  6. claudia: yeah, the san genarro festival isn't what it used to be. it's not terrible, but it's more like the generic street festivals in nyc every weekend selling sausage & pepper sandwiches, socks, t-shirts, and other crap. i skip those.miri: yeah, i liked that pop, especially on that hot day. they even had extra red pepper flakes to sprinkle on top, if you wanted. i wasn't that bold.creature gorgeous: well, we do have some pretty crappy ones too, as i mentioned to claudia. but we've got a lot of great ones now too…

    1. yeah, it was awesome. it’s funny that you commented on this because it’s a really old post, but i just happened to be looking at it yesterday, and that sneaky photo really cracked me up.

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