sk’s perfect banana bread

Smitten Kitchen jacked-up banana bread
Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Deb of Smitten Kitchen. Needless to say, it was really interesting to speak with her. I didn’t mention to her the success I’ve had baking recipes from her blog, but I’ll tell you about a recent hit. The funny thing to me is that she calls this Jacked-Up Banana Bread. “Jacked-up” made me think it would be packed with nuts, chocolate chips, toffee bits, and more. But she gave it that name for the bourbon she added to the recipe.
Smitten Kitchen's jacked-up banana bread
As you can see, there are no “add-ins” at all. Not even some walnuts. But the recipe, as you might expect, is just about perfect. It doesn’t need anything else. Definitely recommended.

24 thoughts on “sk’s perfect banana bread

  1. I've been craving banana bread lately and I'm not sure why. So much so that I purposely bought too many bananas at the grocery store this weekend hoping to guarantee myself a few overripe ones to bake with.

  2. alejandra: ha, right, i've definitely done that on purpose before toopj: it's probably denser than you're thinking, but it's lassie: thanks, but the recipe gets the credit for being perfectmeghan: i actually normally love lots of add-ins, so i even surprised myselframbling tart: you know, this one doesn't even need the butter, i swearana: thanks

  3. and just so you know, if you have any leftovers (which i doubt) you can make french toast w/ leftover banana bread. seriously, i do

  4. jenn: yeah, it's pretty gooddawn: that's weird, your name just comes up on blogger as a period now? and yeah, that's a great idea. no leftovers though.lpr: i swear, it doesn't need the chocolate. seriously.

  5. Everyone needs to find their go-to banana bread recipe … glad u discovered yours! Not surprised it came from SK's kitchen .. she's pretty awesome, huh?

  6. lisa: yes, a very good combinationmuneeba: actually, i'm not very loyal to banana bread recipes. i'm always trying new ones. but this is a winner.

  7. I'm always throwing in stuff in my banana bread so now I am really curious about this recipe. It looks so simple, and since it's from SK, it must be good. I bet the bourbon adds a lot of flavor too.

  8. murasaki: it's a good onesteph: normally i love the add-ins, but this one surprised meumm: thanksavanika: yeah, her recipes are always great

  9. aaagh banana bread is the BEST. a couple months ago, i blogged about a vegan banana bread/cake that (suprisingly!) you would never know it was vegan. it has so many bananas in it and is so moist. not that you need tips – your photos look beautiful!

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