now i love black bean soup

Black bean soup
I’ve made black bean soup before, but it never quite satisfied me. I tried authentic recipes made from dried beans, but they were always too thin, even watery. Then I read on someone’s blog about partially pureeing the soup and was intrigued. Just a few days later I found a similar technique in a new book I’m working on.
black beansred onion
scallions and cilantro
I can’t talk about the book quite yet, nor can I give you the full recipe, but it’s pretty straightforward. You spice it up with cumin and something hot like Tabasco or chili powder. Half a can of tomatoes are added, which gives the soup some of its body.
Black bean soup
But the real trick is mixing half of the canned beans (yes, canned work perfectly here) with some of the broth in a blender or food processor. That gives the soup a perfect texture. Just don’t forget to serve it with lime wedges.

21 thoughts on “now i love black bean soup

  1. I make mine with dry and I love the texture of them. I also puree some of the beans, which definitely helps. And I also use canned tomatoes- fire roasted tomatoes are frighteningly delicious in black bean soup!

  2. bridgett: definitely, and thanksvanillasugar: sounds like you're a little more enthusiastic about lime juice than me, but i understandjenn: right… it's so gloomy here, i wish i had another batch of this to eatcool lassie: thankslele: i'm scared to try the dried beans again since this worked so well. fire roasted tomatoes sound good.

  3. I love black bean soup! I've tried both the canned and the dried variety of beans in my recipes and I find that it's not really the beans, but the seasonings and other ingredients that really matter. This looks wonderful and I'm excited to hear the recipe.

  4. This looks yum! I love black beans. This also reminds me of brazilian feijoada… i think i'll try this sometime. And it's great that you used canned beans, saves up so much time!

  5. krista: i have to agree with youcherine: thanks for stopping byeliana: thanksanjelikuh: i guess i have mixed feelings about black beans, but this recipe is a winner

  6. This is a great trick. Actually, I found this tip for the cassoulet I just made — mash up some of the means and mix it in with the rest of the cassoulet. It gives the stew a lot more thickness. Your soup looks perfect.

  7. creature gorgeous: yeah, now that you mention it, i have used that technique for lots of other soups, but i never thought of it for black bean before nowfoodycat: thanks for visiting

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