not-quite-right fudge

I’m a big fan of eating fudge, but not so good at making it. Okay, so this was my first try, but I read about a no-fail version, and it kind of failed. Maybe my source wasn’t so reliable — I should probably do some research before I complain. It actually looks pretty good, but it was way too dense. I’ve heard of other people having a similar problem with making homemade fudge. I’m very open to tips for next time. Here’s how it went, mostly in photos.
condensed sweetened milk
I could tell when I was heating it and transferring it into the pan that this wasn’t going well. Way too firm. I went with a Rocky Road version with pecans, although you can’t really see the marshmallows until you cut into it.
But it looks yummy, no? I will definitely try again.

30 thoughts on “not-quite-right fudge

  1. 1°: I love chocolate in all possible versions2°: I love mix choco and nuts3°: in that little square they look so nice!!So: how can are they not Yammy?????

  2. There are two reasons why I don't make homemade fudge. One is that i would have no self control around it. Two is that I'm desperately afraid of failure. This looks fantastic though, really dense.

  3. joanna: i've always been a fan of rocky road toopsychedelicsister: thanksanjelikuh: i definitely willcool lassie: ha, i wish it was that goodjenn: it's just the texture that went wrongvanillasugar: right, it went wrong in the heating process, but thanks

  4. tris1978ton: thanksam: oh really? i've had a lot of good fudge on the jersey shoremary: thankszia elle: ha, good pointjoanne: right, i avoided it for ages for the same (2nd) reason

  5. It definitely looks really good! I think my favorite fudge recipe uses marshmallows (melted, not used as chunks in the fudge) or fluff along with or in place of the condensed milk. I haven't made it in so long though…

  6. cherine: thanksflwrjane: ha. thanks for stopping by.pigpigscorner: yeah, the photos are a bit deceiving in this casemsmeanie: thanksmegan: actually, i bought a jar of fluff just to try their version next

  7. Is this just the chocolate and condensed milk way of making fudge? It does make a very, very dense fudge, a lot heavier than a much-more-work sugar syrup and butter version. So it may not have turned out the way you like fudge, but it was right for the recipe!

  8. foodycat: well, yes, it was that method, and i know it's supposed to good, but it seemed really weird to me, or like maybe it shouldn't be called fudge at all because it's nothing like people would expect

  9. You can't go wrong with fudge made from a jar of Marshmallow creme… seriously. The recipe is on the label and it truly is some of the best fudge ever. Fool proof!Yours looks pretty tasty in the photos!

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