pops and montreal bagels

Popbar coconut bar
Now that frozen yogurt joints are almost as common in NYC as Starbucks shops, I think we are in desperate need of a new frozen treat trend. Pops have come to the rescue. I recently raved about La Newyorkina’s mango-chile pop at the Hester Street Market. Last weekend I stopped by Popbar in the West Village. The wondrous item above is a coconut pop, dipped in flaked coconut, and drizzled with dark chocolate.
Popbar pretty much rules because they’re all about customization. Dunking, dipping, drizzling… you name it. Go with friends and share your creations, because it’s going to take a long time to try them all.
Montreal bagels
Speaking of the Hester Street Market, I’d been hearing about “Montreal bagels,” but they were nowhere in sight the first time I visited. I stopped back on a Saturday and spotted the Mile End booth. They told me they import these bagels from Montreal every week. You can read more about that (and ordering some) here.
Mile End's Montreal bagel
This is “The Beauty,” served with lox, cream cheese, tomato, and capers. At $8, I guess it’s a little pricey by street food standards, but it’s pretty darned tasty. The bagel itself is a bit denser and chewier than a standard NYC bagel, and definitely one of the more flavorful bagels you’ll ever try. Don’t get me wrong, I still love NYC bagels, but this Montreal thing has got me excited. Now you’ll know where to find me on Saturday mornings.

34 thoughts on “pops and montreal bagels

  1. eliana: me toocarolyn: this trend might spread thoughcatherine: definitelyjenn: i'm sure they'll show up in L.A. soon. the yogurt trend started there, no?appropriated.muffin: fingers crossed

  2. My own "customized pops" are in the freezer as I read this. Mmmm. And "The Beauty"?! Right up my alley. I think I'll be stopping in NYC for a day in October. I'm so looking forward to choosing one of the places you've reviewed to visit. Where would you go if you could only pick two places? I know, I know, it's probably too hard to choose. Any recommendation is welcome.

  3. krista: wow, that's a REALLY tough question. if you're serious about wanting an answer, email me when it's closer to your trip, and give me some paramaters, i.e., street food, asian, pizza, etc., because that would influence my decision greatly. the other thing is that i'd never tell someone to go to one place in one area. for example, if i told you to go to motorino in the east village for pizza, i'd say to go to momofuku milk bar for desserts right afterwards — it's like two for one visits. or if you go to a street fair like this one, you can try a bunch of interesting nyc eateries in one place.tris1978ton: they are definitely awesome

  4. Designer popsicles? Love this idea. Hope we get them soon down here.Going to tell my NYC daughter to hustle on over there to try them and give me a report.

  5. I love Montreal bagels.My husband completed 4 months of work for his degree in Montreal.We lived just around the corner from a Jewish owned bakery.When moving back to BC, this lovely man told me that if I got a craving for a bagel, to write him and he would send some to me.Best summer I ever had. Combine this with the fact that I could purchase a bottle of wine at the corner store next door to him.I felt absolutely foodie spoiled.

  6. And I will be right there next to you on Saturdays. Slowly relishing my lox and capers. What a beautiful combination.And where has this pop place been all my life?!?!? I may be making an appearance there this weekend.

  7. callyn: that sounds cool. i bet the montreal bagels are a lot cheaper if you buy them locally too.joanne: then maybe i'll see you aroundmhel: the price is the only downside since you could probably make them at home for a lot less. but on a hot day, with such great flavors and dipping options, it's pretty awesome.

  8. I'm envious. I wish frozen yogurt pops would make it to San Francisco. I hear you guys have all kinds of awesome food trucks too. Portland is big on that but the folks here in SF are all grumpy about that because they don't have to pay taxes and other restauranteurs don't think that's fair. Total bummer.

  9. psychedelicsister: i'm sure pops will get there soon, because it's getting popular here. the food truck scene here is okay, but not awesome like portland. i actually think the food trucks in jersey city and hoboken are pretty interesting, and they cluster together. the interesting trucks in nyc tend to be more spread out. it's not really a "scene" if you ask me.murasaki: thanks for visiting — haven't heard from you much lately.

  10. Interesting comment on Montreal bagels, I didn't think any other version would come close. It didn't occur to me until you pointed it out, there are many froyo establishments in NYC. I'll have to check out custom pops, the pictures show a very exciting concept.

  11. chocolatecup: oh really? i've seen those sets for sale.flb: right, the pop trend is definitely catching on — we really don't need so many frozen yogurt places

  12. They did it again! How do they come up with a new craze and fad every couple of years! Now you say it is the pops? why not! They look fun to eat! That bagel and lox too.

  13. justin i love when you do these types of posts….can we get a video shot of someone eating the coconut pop? LOL i know bad, but damn that looks so good. i'm a coconut freak…eat it everyday

  14. taste of beirut: right, it's always something new… although in this case i guess pops were very popular in the 80s, and now they're back in styledawn: ha, thanks so much. i'm never sure about writing the "review" posts because they don't often get very many comments, but they're fun to write, and they get a lot of traffic (this one was picked up on Serious Eats, for example). i didn't make an "eating" video this time though… wish i did. well, i'm sure i'll be back to this place.

  15. I hope the pops make it here. Yeah the trucks in Portland rock. My friend is moving there in a few days because he has a food truck there and also opening a restaurant. And I hope we get trucks here, so far we only have taco trucks although someone told me there's a cupcake one somewhere.

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