easy chicken mole

Easy Chicken Mole
First, it’s not too late to enter that drawing for a copy of 101 Blender Drinks. About this chicken mole, it’s almost too easy to be called a recipe. Normally I don’t even think about making Mexican mole sauces — I imagine hours in the kitchen and 25 secret herbs and spices. Not this time. I can’t give you the recipe yet, because it’s for a book that won’t be out for another year, but I will tell you that the sauce is made with jarred salsa.
Easy Chicken Mole
The results are extraordinary — rich and satisfying. And mind you, I don’t really like chicken all that much. This is one of those dishes your family will be begging you to make again. I can’t wait until this book comes out because I’m cooking from it a few times a week already.

15 thoughts on “easy chicken mole

  1. esther: i swear, you wouldn't believe how good this is.joanna: definitelymary: well, then you'd probably love this.mochachocolata rita: now i wish i didn't have to wait so long before talking about this recipe

  2. Mmmm… I seriously can't wait to see this recipe – sounds too good to be true. Last year after Rick Bayless won Top Chef Masters I entertained the thought about making his famous mole until I saw the gazillion ingredients and steps involved.

  3. Easy mole? Cool. I'd definitely give it a try. Thanks for your response to my last comment. I will definitely email you in September when I have a better idea of our itinerary. Hope you have a lovely long weekend!

  4. dd: yeah, sorry. the recipe was too yummy not to at least mention itphyllis: right, that's what i meant about normally being afraid of mole sauceskrista: sounds good

  5. You're teasing me Justin. Showing me a mouthwatering chicken mole, telling me it's EASY, then not sharing the recipe! *sigh* … patience is not my forte.

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