Spike’s crazy shake, a giveaway, and a winner

Spike's pretzel shake
Note: this drawing is now closed. First, the winner of the giveaway for a copy of 101 Blender Drinks is… Sook from My Fabulous Recipes. Congratulations. Speaking of blender drinks, I’m a total pretzel addict, so when I saw Spike Mendelsohn’s recipe and video for a shake made with Snyder’s Peanut Butter Pretzels, I had to try it. By the way, Spike has a new book out, and it has a lot of great shakes, but not this recipe. And in case you’re nearby a TV, Spike will be on Good Morning America on Memorial Day. And if you live in the U.S. or Canada and want to be entered in a drawing for a copy of The Good Stuff Cookbook, just post a comment.
Spike's pretzel shake
Spike's pretzel shake
Spike's pretzel shake
Spike's pretzel shake
Yes, you’re seeing right. The rim of the glass is coated in peanut butter and then the crushed up pretzel snacks. Have I mentioned I love peanut butter?
Spike's pretzel shake
Spike's pretzel shake
The shake is also made with the crushed up pretzel snacks, plus milk and vanilla ice cream. I added some nutella (amazing!) and you can spike it (get it, Spike…) with a little creme de cacao if you’d like. I’d drink it fast though, because the pretzel bits will get too mushy after a while. Happy Memorial Day!

17 thoughts on “Spike’s crazy shake, a giveaway, and a winner

  1. Congrats to Sook on winning the book. She is a sweetie-pie and I love all her recipes.The crazy shake looks crazy-good. I am nuts about peanut butter or any nut-butter for that matter. My favorite brand of peanut butter is "Naturally more" with flax seeds.Have a great (long) weekend.Yes, I would love to win a copy of that book.

  2. flb: ha, yeah, the rim looks tastymhel: actually my daughter liked this (without the creme de cacao of course)cool lassie: i'm a peanut butter freak toodawn: yumsook: really? well, i hope you enjoy the bookvelva: thanks for visitingpeachkins: thanks

  3. Cool idea with the peanut butter and pretzels! But have to admit this shake gives me some inner turmoil – the OCD in me says "too messy" but my stomach is saying "give it to me!". I have a feeling my stomach will win 😉

  4. yeah, i am dangerous around peanut-better too. esp like pb&cos "white chocolate wonderful" i think it would be unreal in a shake like this.

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