crazy brownie party

I’ve read on some of my favorite baker blogs (you know who you are) about baking extravaganzas — multiple cakes, cookies, and other treats all made in one night. Besides maybe Christmas, that’s not usually my thing, but I’ve had some reasons to celebrate in the past few days. I browsed through Martha Stewart’s Cookies and put together a shopping list for not one, not two, not three, but four types of brownies. Then I figured I’d see how things went. A few hours later, I’d baked them all, so I brought them to work for a little office brownie party.
ginger brownies
I had never tried any of the recipes before, and this was the only brownie that turned out fudgy like I prefer. It was flavored with both grated fresh ginger and dried ginger — really interesting if you like chocolate and spice.
peanut butter brownies
I thought these peanut butter swirl brownies were too light and cakey for my normal preferences, but they were gone pretty fast at the party. Next time I’d maybe underbake them. Flavorwise, they’re hard to beat.
cream cheese blondies
These cream cheese blondies were the sleeper. People seemed almost reluctant to try them. Even though they look cakey, they were quite moist, and there was just a hint of cheesecake flavor. I’d make this again for sure.
coconut brownies
The coconut brownies, like the peanut butter ones, had a high visual appeal. Again, I’d probably underbake them next time, but I’m a real coconut fan, so it was hard to go wrong. A disclaimer — I couldn’t find unsweetened coconut in my regular supermarket, so I went with the sweetened stuff, so I can’t vouch for the real recipe either way.
I’m still snacking on the leftovers as I write. And to Gypsy, Jana, and Marcy (and the rest of the team), thanks again.

41 thoughts on “crazy brownie party

  1. I've made a few cookie recipes out that book and have been pleasantly surprised. I think I'll give the cream cheese blondies a try.I hope you got plenty of "brownie" points at the office. LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Love all the Brownie variants even though I am partial to the first two..spiced and peanut-butter swirl topped would be the ones I would reach out for with both hands..And I don't care very much for the blondies..

  3. Here I was, getting excited that you were going to invite us to a crazy brownie party. :)YUM! The ginger one sounds especially interesting. I gotta make that one.

  4. dd: brownie points… that cracked me upcool lassie: did i mention the blondie was the sleeper?!rosa: me tooesther: oh man, sorry to let you down!joanna: the blondies looked particularly cakey, and it was hard to see the cream cheese swirl, so i think people thought they would be a little boring. i feel like i have to make some more traditional blondies now, with tons of chunks and add-ins, just to prove how awesome blondies can beangie: definitelyana: thanksphyllis: apparently i should have saved the blondies for my blogger friendsjuliana: thanks

  5. Is it took late to join the brownie party? hehehe… Just when I said to myself to cut down on the sweet I read this post. Thanks, Justin!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. jenn: sorry, a little too latevanillasugar: well, the blondies were quite nice actuallypigpigscorner: thanks for stopping byroberta: i think everyone enjoyed it

  7. Wow thats some kinda party. I know my kids would love it.I prefer mine fudgy rather than cakey also. I would love to try the ginger and chocolate one.

  8. I was just looking at the Martha Stewart Cookies cookbook this morning and there are definitely some great recipes in there! Your brownies look delicious and I am looking forward to trying them. Guess you're a big hit at the office now!

  9. Can't believe you made so much brownies, lucky coworkers of yours! I always enjoy new ways to spice up brownies, i'll keep the coconut one in mind next time ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. lori: if you like fudgy, then the ginger ones are worth tryingpam: well, i think i've already got a 'rep' as the guy who bakes a lotanjelikuh: i was thinking of making the coconut again actually, because i've got most of the coconut still left in the house. i'd probably underbake it next time.

  11. Wow these all look really good! But you know me, anything with coconut is a winner!I've never tried combining coconut in a brownie before though, imagine that!I'll have to try making it soon. Martha Stewart has some of the best recipes.By the way your pictures look wonderful!

  12. Jason, I am really impressed. That is a real production for this time of year. They all look spectacular. I share your love of moist and fudgy brownies. I've bookmarked the recipes and will try each solo fashion. I don't have the energy do do them all at the same time :-). I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings…Mary

  13. mimi: thanks for visitingchef d: yeah, it's a cool combinationcatherine: i definitely recommend trying that one outmary: yeah, it was kind of odd to do so much baking at once… even for me

  14. christina: hmm, haven't heard from you in ages. how did i not know about your blog if you've been writing it for so many years? i hope i'm not mixed up about who you are.sook: glad you got the book. hope you like it.mary: thanks!

  15. lorraine: ha, i was definitely popular that dayrebecca: honestly, no, i can't think of a recipe that i would describe as a caramel brownie, but that sounds yummy

  16. Do you think you can come work in my apartment? So that we can have an office party like this? K thanks.Seriously I love all of the variation here. I'm going to have to try that ginger-infused brownie. Good to add a little spice to my life.

  17. I've made the cream cheese blondies and thought them to be cakey. Perhaps I needed to under bake them. They definitely have potential. I'm thinking more cream cheese. :)Happy Friday!~ingrid

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