fish taco contender

1776 Tacos fish taco
Supposedly NYC is going through a Mexican food renaissance lately, but I ain’t buyin’ it. Lucky thing for me, I stumbled upon 1776 Tacos at the Hester Street Fair for their inaugural weekend. I heard the girl at the counter saying something about how she knows Su-chin Pak, but I swear I stopped by for the food. I ordered, and then she asked me where I’m from and if I was a fish taco aficionado. I told her I’m originally from Queens, and no, I’m definitely not an aficionado, but I know what I like and don’t like, and it’s hard to find a decent fish taco on the East Coast, period.
1776 Tacos
I love their crazy-short menu. Fish taco, carnitas taco, watermelon agua fresca, and that’s it. For me, a simple menu is a good sign. Get the basics right first. About the food, if you’re gonna bring a date to the Hester Street Fair on a hot and sunny day, you’ve probably already worked passed the I-feel-awkward-eating-in-front-of-you stage. That would be a good thing because:

1. The tacos are a mess of yumminess — that’s a good thing — topped with a fruity salsa and lime crema.
2. You might be salivating/drooling after a few bites, just thinking about how good that was.
3. You will definitely be going back to order another one (or two) for an impromptu taco fest because these things rock.

There were mumblings about seeing how the stand goes first and the possibility of eventually opening a permanent shop. Fingers crossed…
Newyorkina tamarindo pop
Of course I had to stop by and check out the latest offerings at La Newyorkina, and they did not disappoint. This bit of heaven on a stick is tamarind flavored. As another customer commented after tasting it, the first lick/bite is a little bit intense if you’re not sure what to expect. Then you become one with the pop. I challenge you not to fall in love with this thing.
Teado, Chinatown
Last stop — I suggest you walk straight west on Hester Street towards Chinatown. Just before you get to Bowery, you’ll find Teado on your right. This is a bubble tea shop for people in the know. Yes, I’m aware that bubble tea shops are nothing new and way too common in Chinatown, but Teado is doing something special. Don’t ask me what it is… I’m not a bubble tea aficionado either, and I order mine without the bubbles. But there is a freshness here that tops every other place I’ve tried. I opted for the honey and lemon green tea — very refreshing.

14 thoughts on “fish taco contender

  1. yes it is IMPOSSIBLE to find a good fish taco on the east coast. boston has taqueria and a few tohers places. this one you found looks good, i need a little bit of sauce with mine. are you getting the humidity we have?

  2. thank you for stopping by my page…i'm VERY flattered! not to mention, when i come to see yours i find two of my favorite things. Aaaah, fish tacos and bubble tea!

  3. dawn: right, boston does have anna's, and i love that place, but i've only had burritos there. it's so humid here, it's actually painful.eliana: i hope they remain at the market — might want to check the schedule before you head downkrista: i've had some bad fish tacos too, that's for surejustme: oh yeah, i always check out a blog with "just" in the titlevrinda: hi, thanks for visiting my blog tootramie: when it comes to fish tacos, i'm bad about sharing

  4. flb: right, some people go to the hester street market just for the vintage stuff, jewelry, soaps, etc. i go for the food.lpr: well, i do like La Superior in Williamsburg, but i have to say their style of tacos is REALLY different than 1776. i'd say i prefer this new place.

  5. So funny. When I lived in AZ and would go to Puerto Pinasco for fun, I never even dreamed of trying fish tacos. Why? I dunno. Crazy… loca, I guess. Now I have discovered them at our local Mexican restaurant and can't get enough of them. They rock. But I have nothing to compare them too.

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