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Sweet Revenge, NYC
Has it been a while since I’ve written a crazy post that makes no sense? No? Well, here goes another one because I need to catch up.
Sweet Revenge, NYC
First, if you haven’t been to Sweet Revenge on Carmine Street recently, you might want to visit and try out the cool beer and wine pairings with their cupcakes. Besides the food, it’s a fun place to hang out with friends or your sweetie.
Asia Dog, Brooklyn flea
Asia Dog, Brooklyn Flea
We finally tried Asia Dog at the Brooklyn Flea. Here’s my suggestion for the Asia Dog people. Open up an outpost around the corner from my apartment. Yeah, that would work.
Mile End, Brooklyn Flea
Mile End sign

Definitely stop by the Mile End booth at the Brooklyn Flea to see if they’re serving “The Ruth Wilenski.” I’m officially renaming this “The Sandwich of Yum.”
Monteleone's, Brooklyn
Monteleone's, Brooklyn
Monteleone's, Brooklyn
Monteleone’s on Court Street in Brooklyn is totally old-school. I love their chocolate chunk cookies. Look at the bitten one — it’s all chocolate. And the dough is almost all butter, and not too sweet. There is no chocolate chip cookie better than this in my book. I can’t believe it had been so many years since my last visit.
Masala Times
Masala Times, NYC
Masala Times, NYC
Masala Times, NYC
Masala Times on Bleecker is the latest Indian fast food spot in a storefront that has changed over quite a few times in the past couple of years. They’ve always served some kind of portable Indian food, and as you can see, they’re sticking with that theme. I dig the decor and love the crazy hours they keep. And it’s not surprisingly a good spot for veggies who are looking for something fun and spicy to eat. I’ll definitely be back, but I just hope it sticks around for a while this time.
Last up, Winifred, a 12-week-old female bulldog puppy we got to meet in Union Square Park. Next time you’re in the farmer’s market, you might want to keep an eye out for her. OMG, the cuteness!

32 thoughts on “crazy foodie post

  1. I don't think the guys here would want their beer with cupcakes…they can have their beer, I'll eat their cupcakes:D Sinful delicious food photos! Really awesome!

  2. big apple nosh: oh really? well, i guess everybody in NY hits the brooklyn flea pretty oftenlavender pug: yeah, jean wants that bulldog puppypeggy: ha, funnydawn: i should buy some kimchee and make those dogs at home tooterrianne: thanks for stopping byelra: glad i could helpffbeantown: yeah, totallyjennifurla: it's an awesome cookie for sureanapowell: i have to agree

  3. eliana: i hope you do check some of these outpigpigscorner: hmm, no ice cream, but a ton of frostinglisaiscooking: yeah, it's really funjuliana: thanksjeannie: ha, and thanksnewlywed: me toopam: thanksoohlookbel: hmm, i WISH these were all in my neighborhood, but this post was spread over two different boroughs of NYCgirlichef: right, the hot dog and the real dog — both awesome

  4. Just look at all that wonderful food. Everytime I see one of your posts like this it makes me want to go to NYC REAL bad. I could go on a foodie tour!

  5. LOVE Sweet Revenge! You told me about it a while ago and I thank you for that. The PURE is one of the best vanilla cupcakes in town.OMG. I just want to eat that puppy up. She makes me squeal with delight! 🙂

  6. lori: ha, right. there are foodie tours here, but i think exploring is more fun.foodycat: good pointsuzanne: right, it's great. the puppy is adorable.

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