banana-cran with Joy

Banana Cranberry Bread
My never-ending search for banana bread recipes landed me at Joy the Baker. I’m not sure how I never knew about her blog before — she gets a ton of comments. I must be living under a rock or something. Not only do her recipes look great, but her posts totally crack me up. I really like the Bake Out with Jill & Joy videos too, but what’s up with her gigantic kitchen? It’s bigger than most NYC apartments. Before I saw this recipe, I don’t think I knew bananas and cranberries were a yummy combination, but now I’m a convert. Here’s how it went.
Banana Cranberry Bread
Banana Cranberry Bread
Banana Cranberry Bread
So far so good, but I thought I didn’t have any bourbon (actually, it was just really well hidden in my cabinet), so I used Grand Marnier, which turned out to be a nice substitution.
Banana Cranberry Bread
I used those dried cranberries instead of fresh. I knew the recipe would turn out a bit differently, but something told me it would be pretty good. You can see in Joy’s post that the fresh berries bake into the bread really nicely though, and I knew I wouldn’t get that effect.
Banana Cranberry Bread
Banana Cranberry Bread
The bread got a really nice, dark crust to it. Of course it softened up after sitting overnight, but those first few pieces while the bread was still warm were spectacular. Then I started wondering what this would be like with walnuts.
Banana Cranberry Bread
See, my cranberries didn’t get that ooziness like Joy’s, but I wasn’t complaining. The texture was fantastic, and this was a recipe I’d definitely make again.

19 thoughts on “banana-cran with Joy

  1. i love joy's recipes. my fav were those flourless pb cookies that i kicked up a notch. oh man, dude i'm telling you. i got a nod from martha stewarts daughter on those. i haven't made banana bread in a long time because of the heat. my oven has been off for months now. but i will soon be changing that. so this bread looks good justin!

  2. I love Joy and her super funny style of writing! It always makes me happy when I see that she's posted. I have never paired cranberries and bananas either but if you give it rave reviews, then I will definitely try it. Plus, I need to use the cranberries I have frozen in my fridge before they come into season again!

  3. Banana seems to go with anything with "berry" at the end. Maybe it's the mellow backdrop it provides. I agree you cannot have too many banana bread recipes. Chocolate…cinnamon….berries… oatmeal…and now – cranberries!

  4. big apple nosh: yeah, trust me on this onedawn: i'm totally checking out that recipe nextf&f in beantown: yeah, the weather changed here too — baking time!in an oyster: i want a kitchen like thateliana: thanks, and totallyjoanne: i had the dried berries in my freezer. i keep nuts in the freezer too. i'm always happy when i want to bake and something from the freezer comes to my rescue.claudia: ha, we think alike

  5. Looks great…a nice way tro transition to fall. (Not that that will ever happen!) But I do have some over-ripe bananas just waiting to be turned into something.

  6. newlywed: yeah, it feels like fall here right now, but i think that will change fastdajana: right, i can't get the fresh ones at this time of year, but they'll be around soon

  7. confession: it's my parents' kitchen. my real life kitchen is about half the size.your bread looks totally rad. i like the idea of grand marnier. divine!see yo ass at blogher food.

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