Joy’s awesome brownie cookie

Joy the Baker brownie cookie
Especially now that Joy the Baker posted a comment on my entry about the Cran-Banana Bread, I’m happily searching through her site for more recipes to try. Here’s a winner called Chocolate Brownie Cookies which she says she got from King Arthur Flour.
Joy the Baker brownie cookie
So what makes them brownie cookies? Well, they’re very chocolatey. And super soft, like almost too soft to be cookies. And they have that cool shine on top. Usually I associate that shine with brownie mixes (which I do not use), but how can you not love the way the surface of the cookie picks up the light?
Joy the Baker brownie cookie
I underbaked some of them like the photo above. I warned friends and family about the underbaked cookies because they were almost gooey inside, but everyone seemed to want to try those specifically.
Joy the Baker brownie cookie
The properly baked ones were awesome too. You can see here they were just a bit lighter and thicker.
Joy the Baker brownie cookie
A few tweaks… I didn’t have espresso powder, but I’d totally try that next time. I had to throw in some semi-sweet chocolate with the bittersweet because I didn’t have enough. And I added chopped walnuts because, well, I love nuts in my brownies and figured I’d love them in these cookies too. The brownie cookies were a pretty major hit. Thanks, Joy.

23 thoughts on “Joy’s awesome brownie cookie

  1. Mmm…Cookies and brownies in one. That's a plus in my book. I made something a little similar to those before quite by accident really. It was a happy mistake.

  2. lpr: i'm in the mood again too, since these are now long goneterrianne: ha that's amazing. really?girlieblog: did you change your user name? anyway, thanks.stella: right, that's my favorite part toojenn: i love happy mistakeseliana: thanks, me too!emily: totally

  3. These cookies look awesome I love brownies and cookie brownies sounds like a winner!!! … I love when things stuff like this is underbaked, when you bite into it you get all the melted chocolate on the inside!!! Mmmm!!

  4. I've only tried ATK's Triple Choc Cookies which are a big hit anytime I take them somewhere (even won a blue ribbon at the State Fair). Will have to compare both recipes because the end result is very similar. Thanks for posting (if you have any cookies left, they freeze really well too).

  5. gaaah, must eat now. this is one of my favorite kinds of cookie. baking with julia has a recipe with a similar looking cookie that's incredibly tasty as well. these look amazing!

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  7. velva: your boys sound smartchocolate freckles: totallyxiaolu: you're welcome. thanks for visitingkristen: thanksjeannie: now i want to make another batchhanaa: hmm, you mean America's Test Kitchen. i'll have to look for that.lavenderpug: i'll have to look for that too. i think i have that book stashed somewhere.flb: totallylisa: ha, my kind toovincent: hmm, thanksavanika: i love underbaked anythingcookin' canuck: i imagine so

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