omg coconut

Coconut Cake
I needed to make a special celebration cake recently and The Sweeter Side of Amy’s Bread came to the rescue with an amazing coconut cake recipe. It’s a two-day project but definitely worth the effort.
unbaked Coconut Cake
The cake layers are interesting because you make them with canned coconut milk. They baked up perfectly.
coconut cake custard
Here’s why this is a two-day project. To make the frosting, you first have to make a custard. It also has canned coconut milk. The texture is amazing but obviously too soft. So you chill it in the fridge, just like you would if you were making pudding.
unfrosted Coconut Cake
Then the next day you blend the chilled custard with freshly whipped cream to make the frosting. Yes, the cake would be really yummy if you ate it just like this.
Coconut Cake
But coating the whole cake in sweetened flake coconut is the fun part. How cute is that? Much like everything I’ve tried from The Sweeter Side of Amy’s Bread, this cake was amazing.

24 thoughts on “omg coconut

  1. oh my goodness justin that looks like the perfect cake! i'd be too afraid to eat because i want to keep it looking so pretty!nicely done–i don't know if i could pull that off so sweetly.

  2. I just watched a rerun of Good Eats where Alton Brown dedicated a whole show to the Coconut Cake. I have never had it, but was tempted to make it after the show. It does seem like a very huge process though, so maybe not! 😉

  3. lavender pug: i do like coconut in any form, but this homemade cake is tough to beatcathy: thanks for visitingdawn: thanks. i'm sure you could do just as good a job with it.eliana: it was tough to not devour it before the partyjennifurla: ha, thanksf&f: ha, me toodajana: hmm, really? this might convert you.joanna: me too, and thanksjen: rawr!girlieblog: thankssasha: thanks to you toochristina: really? it's definitely a longer process, but worth it

  4. olive: me toobel: ha, that's pretty funnypaula: thankskrystal: cool ideamurasaki: thanks so muchjenn: yeah, now i want to make this againalutzu: thanksnatalie: i have to say i adore coconut too

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