Jersey City bbq time

Hamilton Park BBQ Festival, Jersey City
It was a crazy foodie weekend, but I spent my Saturday afternoon in downtown Jersey City at the first-ever Hamilton Park BBQ Festival. The event was held in a wide-open space not too far from the Path train. I’m not sure what is slated for that space in the future, but it would be cool if they held more events there, like maybe a Jersey version of the popular Brooklyn Flea. There are loads of food trucks in the Jersey City/Hoboken area, so it wouldn’t be too hard to pull them all together for weekend events.
Hamilton Park BBQ Festival, Jersey City
There were several vendors on site, but I got all of my food from Jimmy’s BBQ, including the ribs (awesome) and really great cole slaw (which I guess I ate too fast to get a photo).
Hamilton Park BBQ Festival, Jersey City
And a pulled pork sandwich too. It’s a good thing I stuffed myself because it turned out I wouldn’t be eating dinner until pretty late that night (blame it on Shauna…).
Hamilton Park BBQ Festival, Jersey City
They had live music, beer on tap, a Fizzy Lizzy stand, and a lot of happy locals. I hope this turns into a Jersey City tradition.
Smith & Chang, Jersey City
If you do find yourself in the downtown Jersey City area, skip the mall and try to stop by Smith & Chang. They’ve got a really cool assortment of vintage/antique stuff, Beekman soaps and other bath products, jewelry, artsy home wares, and more.

7 thoughts on “Jersey City bbq time

  1. sandy: definitely, and i hope you do check out that storef&f: yeah, there was a mixed crowd, but I took some snapshots and one was literally all dudes. can't say i blame them.girlieblog: well, they only thing that made them mine was that i ate them. but yeah, jersey isn't exactly known for bbq… but maybe it will be nowjim: hey, no problem. thanks to YOU.

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