Shauna week and 500 posts!

Tomato and White Bean Salad
What better way to celebrate my 500th blog post (whoa!) than the official publication (finally!) of Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef. Last week was all about the gluten-free brownies. What can top that? Shauna came to NYC for a visit! If you’re a Gluten-Free Girl fan, then you’ve probably been to one of her events this week. If you missed the events and are reading this, you might still have time to run over to the Union Square farmer’s market to meet her at 10am on Wednesday morning. Either way, here’s how my week went. Silvana Nardone was hosting a gluten-free potluck party at her home to celebrate Shauna’s new book. I chose to make a Tomato and White Bean Salad from the gorgeous Williams-Sonoma Cooking for Friends.
white beans soaking
You soak white beans overnight and then simmer them for 45 minutes with garlic, rosemary, and bay leaves. Obviously this dish requires some planning.
heirloom tomatoes
roasted tomatoes
And you roast some tomatoes with olive oil, sugar, garlic, salt and pepper for a couple of hours. I used heirlooms from my local farmer’s market, so they took a while. Eventually you toss the tomatoes with the beans and make a dressing of champagne vinegar and olive oil, topped with fresh oregano. This was really amazing.
Shauna's Gluten-Free Party
I didn’t want to go crazy with my camera, but the party at Silvana’s place was really nice. It was my first time meeting Shauna in person, believe it or not. I saw some friends like Jaden Hair and other people I know like Dan Kohler of Renegade Kitchen. And I met a lot of amazing bloggers and food writers for the first time, including Lisa Fain, Jennifer Perillo, and Maggy Anderson Keet.
Locanda Verde, NYC
At this point I’m worrying this post sounds a little braggy. Believe me, I don’t mean it that way, but as if that party wasn’t cool enough (especially the part about meeting Shauna for the first time), two days later I met with Shauna at Locanda Verde for lunch. Danny and Lucy came too, along with a couple of my buddies from work. I rarely talk about fancy-shmancy meals like this, but I have to rave a little bit. These scallops (which happened to be gluten-free) were a bit of heaven.
Locanda Verde, NYC
And oh my god… the lemon tart, with a lemon granita, and buttermilk ice cream. Next time I’ll just order a bath tub filled with this dessert and dive right in. Yes, it was that good. If you’ve got some money for a splurge, put Locanda Verde on the list.

34 thoughts on “Shauna week and 500 posts!

  1. sounds like you had a wonderful trip! That salad looks delicious. This post isn't braggy at all! It just seems like you had a wonderful experience with great people. However, this post now has me starving. The food at the party looks AMAZING!Congrats on your 500th post!

  2. yay–500 posts! congratulations, and what a fabulous weekend! i'm going to make that bean and tomato salad before the tomatoes at the market disappear–thanks for the yummy idea.

  3. congratulations on 500 posts!! it seems like just yesterday that you started it all and look where you are now. the heirloom tomato dish was beautiful and delicious. any room in the dessert tub for me?

  4. A lovely spread of food. I want some of those roasted tomatoes and scallops. Mmmm…Congrats on reaching 500. I'm getting there my self very soon. Just when that will be. We'll see. 🙂

  5. f&f: thankssommer: thanks… but i stayed at home. it was just shauna who traveledstrawberry cake: thanks for visitingmaggy: it's funny that we both met shauna for the first time this weekjennifer: totallyjenn: i bet shauna would have fun in chicagolavenderpug: right, you won't be able to make that salad right for longjaime and jen: thanks. it's been a while, but you know i've visited your site before!urban baker: ok, phewjen: thanks. crazy. definitely room for you.jennifeurla: thanks. right, i love how that looksnatalie: thanks on both countsjenn: i want those scallops again for sure

  6. 500??? WOwie zowie, and I thought 50 was something. Good for you and thanks for cheering for so many good causes. I know I was so pleased when you were one of the first people to stop by my new blog. May you go on and on with your wonderful stories, congratulations!

  7. The tomato and bean salad looks fantastic and pretty simple to put together. Ever since I got Karen DeMasco's cookbook, Locanda Verde has been on my short list of places to go. Both scallops and dessert look delicious.Congrats on 500!

  8. deana: 50, 500, it's all good. thanks.rebecca: simple to put together as long as you have hours and hours to spare! and right, the desserts really stand out at Locanda Verde

  9. 500th post?? whoah! Im not even 1/4 of it. Wondering how many years will it take me to reach that number of posts? Congrats by the way! The cassoulet with scallops looks divine!!

  10. 500 posts. You are my hero. I am heading in that direction:). I'm so sorry I didn't get to meet you at Silvana's party. You see the red platter on the long buffet table? The one with the mini brownies (gluten free and vegan)? Those were mine. I'm looking forward to meeting you at the blogher conference tomorrow. best, Ellen

  11. Congratulations on 500 posts! Loved all of the pics in this post and the food shown in them. Yummy. Very cool that you got to finally meet Shauna in person.

  12. meister: thanksellen: oh really? so did we meet at Blogher? it's all a blur now.krista: thanks, and yesjeannie: you'll get thereninette: thankstramie: thanks — haven't seen you comment in a whilemurasaki: thanks

  13. Everything looks delicious – but I'm especially awed by the dessert. Gluten-free lemon tart, lemon granita, and buttermilk ice cream…YUM!O, and congrats on 500 posts!

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