land of the fried and home of the brave

Hester Street/Grub Street Food Festival

Maybe blogging will help me not think about those amazing new MacBook Airs… I should be writing more about San Francisco and a bunch of other stuff I’ve stock-piled over the last month or two, but I want to rave a bit about the Grub Street event at Hester Street Fair while it’s not a totally distant memory.  I’m mostly writing about the fried food because, well, it was awesome.  Yes, I know the event was all about Purple Yam, but life is too short to brave that line, and I’ve had way more than my fair share of Filipino food. One note to the Hester Street folks, next time you invite Grub Street (huge fan, btw) along, you’d better rent out the volleyball courts too, because that was a bit of a mad-house!  Just about every white-guy/Asian-girl couple in the city was there on Saturday.

Arancini Bros.

Arancini Bros.

First up, the Arancini Bros.  Wait, who the heck are these guys?  I can’t seem to figure out where they come from, if they have a restaurant, or what.  My suggestion?  They should open up a rice ball restaurant in the East Village next door to Pommes Frites. Guaranteed hit.

Cascabel Taqueria

Cascabel Taqueria

Next up, mini churros at the Cascabel stand.  I bought these mostly on impulse because I think they were three-for-a-dollar.  Crispy, light, sugary, yum.  If you’re like most New Yorkers, then you’ve tried a lot of crappy churros around the city — forget all that and stop by Cascabel if you can.

Macao Trading Co. at Hester Street Fair

Macao Trading Co.

About that photo showing the crowd, that was before the event got really packed.  By 1pm, you could barely move.  About Macao Trading Co., I forget exactly what was in these fritters besides a bit of gooey heaven.  If my heart would allow it, I’d order a bucket of these next time.

Ditch Plains

Okay, I tried some non-fried food (not all good, but you’ll have to email me if you want to know my thoughts about that).  The Ditch Plains panna cotta with aged balsamic was a real treat, especially at a buck a pop.  This was my appetizer, but I should have gotten another one (or three) for the road.

P&H Soda

P&H Soda

And oh man, P&H Soda… I’m so behind the curve on these guys.  We tried the quince and hibiscus flavors.  Who knew soda could be this good?  Part of the fun is watching them make the drinks right in front of you.  I guess they don’t have a shop, so take my word for it and look out for their next event (preferably when it’s not too chilly out) and try one for yourself.  This is soda done right.


If you’re visiting from my old blog, you can stop pretending you like my food writing and admit it… you just read it because you’re hoping I’d post another photo of the amazing Crumpet one day. Well, this is your lucky day because Crumpet (and family) was visiting the Grub Street event.  She stood still once or twice, and I snapped this shot.  Awwww.

24 thoughts on “land of the fried and home of the brave

  1. oh crumpet. that’s such a cute name. your posts about all these amazing food events makes me realize that i really need to get out more. i love arancini!

  2. LOLLLL. “Just about every white-guy/Asian-girl couple in the city was there on Saturday.”

    I thought about going on Sat but then decided to go to hot yoga instead. I was hoping for some pics of fried butter! Next time. 🙂

  3. I am with arancini bros. We’re only doing street fairs for now. We would like to find a small take away place like you suggested or a mobile truck which is difficult because of the lack of permits.

  4. LOL. I love your pics of fried food. Who doesn’t love fried food! I also love the comment about the white/Asian couple as well. I know a few white/Asian couples in NY who would have gone to that event. Actually, I’m a white/Asian couple. I’d go to that event!

    But mostly I love the photo of Crumpet. That dog is awesome.

  5. I’m starry-eyed about those macbook airs, too. But then I just got myself a new mb pro, so…yeah…no new technology for me for a while. hahaha… Maybe I should make me some fritters.

    awww…the adorable crumpet. How could you not love that face?

  6. i walked into the festival at 1:30…and walked right back out. Mad house was not the word to describe it.
    And when there are so many people in one place at one time, all the morons decide to stop and stand in random spots so you have to snake your way from one part of the park to hte next. I brought my father with me and he said next year we are going to camp out lol.
    crumpet is awesome.

    1. ha, yeah… i was actually planning to go around 2-ish, but then our plans changed and we arrived before 12. thank goodness because we actually got some food. by 1:30 it was a disaster, and you’re right about people stopping randomly. they were acting like it wasn’t a sardine can.

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