best chocolate cookies ever and a llama

cookies from FLOUR cookbook

As usual, I was baking these cookies at 10pm at night.  Then I was up by 6am the next day for a long drive to the Northampton/Amherst, Mass area to visit my daughter, with cookies in hand.  So it wasn’t until I arrived a few hours later that I had a chance to photograph these drool-inducing cookies, in a plastic container, in my car… seriously.  It’s not a proper tribute to the amazing Joanne Chang and her stunning new cookbook, Flour, but I had to write about these.  I’ll let you find the book and recipe for yourself, but I’m going out on a limb and declaring these to be the best chocolate cookies I’ve ever made, and likely ever tasted.  They’re almost solid chocolate with just 1/2 cup flour in the entire recipe, so I guess it’s hard to go wrong.  The texture is impossibly soft, and they crumble in  your mouth while retaining a bit of gooiness in the middle.  My description probably makes no sense, because these cookies defy laws of nature in their awesomeness.  (I didn’t edit or publish this book myself, but Joanne is a friend, and she gave me a copy for free, so of course I’m biased.  But seriously, avid home bakers need to check this one out.)

Donut Dip box

Donut Dip, W. Springfield, MA

The funny part about making this cookie delivery to my daughter at college is that I also stopped by Donut Dip in West Springfield on the way up.  So I arrived with a huge container of cookies and a dozen of the best donuts imaginable.  But this is a photo of the “meltaway.”  Oh my god.

llama at farm

My weekend trip included a little farm visit.  This llama was hysterical.  He’d spot you coming from a hundred feet away and go straight to the fence to greet you.  Then he’d pose.  Well, maybe it was a “she.”

sheep at farm

This sheep was the opposite — hiding behind the tree.  In fact, you probably can’t tell, but there are two more sheep hiding behind that tree too.  Sheep are huge, so I’m not sure how they achieved this optical illusion.  But seriously, how cute is this sheep?

rooster at farm

This rooster wasn’t so much cute as it was the “boss.”  He kept doing that cock-a-doodle-doo thing that roosters are supposed to do at sunrise.  Except this was about noon, and he just wanted us to know who was in charge.  I think he’s eating some grass.

sage sign at farm

And this little sign cracked me up.  Okay, maybe I’m just clueless and there are some types of sage not for cooking.  Too bad all the herbs (besides the dill) were gone because it’s so chilly up there already.  But those colored leaves are so gorgeous, I didn’t mind a bit.

25 thoughts on “best chocolate cookies ever and a llama

  1. oh my gosh, that llama and sheep are so cute. speaking of animals, we were just at blue hill at stone barns this weekend (just the cafe, not the restaurants), so we got to hang out with some animals as well. the cookies look divine! there’s a recipe in baking with julia child that are pretty similar. sooo good…

  2. Hahaha!! Loved the Llama and Sheep! Could make out an ear on the other side of the tree. How cute!!
    Yes, there are different types of sage. There is an inedible variety that is used for smudging rituals. It is lit and blown out like incense. A lot of Native Americans and people who follow an earthly path use it. Smells the same, though. But causes quite the tummy upset if eaten or used in teas!

  3. I’m biased too… because I used to bake those cookies at Flour… but they really are delicious. The middles are so fudgy and soft. (My favorites are the Lola cookies… full of pecans, coconut, and chocolate!)

    That llama behind the tree is adorable!

  4. Ha! Diane was far more civilized in her description of the use of sage. My first thought was…well he has certainly never lived in Berkeley and around a lot of hippies! Then he would be well familiar with the non-culinary use (and smell…) of sage.

  5. The sheep hiding behind the tree is hysterical. I’m giggling to myself over here! And those cookies really look quite delicious. I love cookies that just melt in your mouth. I’ll have to find and buy this book!

  6. LOVE the sheep photo. So funny that they were totally shy. Will definitely give the cookie recipe a try. I don’t bake often because I don’t have a huge sweet tooth, but your description of how chocolaty they are got my attention!

  7. I’ve been known to bake at night… now that i have a kitchenaid mixer, i am more inclined to bake. i.e. last night at 9:34 i up and decided i needed to make cookies. by 10 pm, i had fresh cookies.
    Its nice to be impulsive sometimes…

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