Falling off the Bone and a giveaway

Falling off the Bone

Note: This drawing is now closed.  One of the things I love about Fall are the new cookbooks.  On this same day in 2009 I was on a photoshoot for the next cookbook by the acclaimed Jean Anderson.  That’s not too intimidating.  It’s not like she’s a legend or anything…  Truth be told, at the time Jean didn’t think we needed too many photos in the book.  I’m a big fan of food photography, so I asked her to trust me, and now we’re all thrilled with the results.  Falling off the Bone was just published, and the photos are mouthwatering.  These are actually all my own snapshots from the shoot, but I’m getting so hungry as I look them over and write this.


Thanks go to stylist Lynda White for the amazing props.  How lucky were we that we got to play with all this awesome stuff?  The real photos in the book were taken by the uber-talented Jason Wyche.  You can check out a few of his shots (and some yummy recipes from the book) here.

Simon Andrews

And of course that’s the skilled Simon Andrews doing the prop styling.  (He’s definitely not as serious as he looks in that photo.)

Falling off the Bone
Falling off the Bone
Falling off the Bone

Yum, right?  With all that great styling, even my snapshots look a little awesome. Not a lot of people are reading my new blog yet, but I’m doing a giveaway for a copy of Falling off the Bone anyway, if you just post a comment to be entered in the drawing.  (U.S. residents only for the giveaway, but feel free to say hi even if you live elsewhere.)  Good luck.

74 thoughts on “Falling off the Bone and a giveaway

  1. wow that osso bucco looks amazing! it’s osso bucco, right? oh well, if it isn’t, doesn’t matter, it just looks delicious! and yay for giveaways!

  2. Hi Justin,

    Totally enjoyed your post of new cookbook “Falling Off The Bone”. The pics are mouthwatering and inviting to dive in for a bite. Hoping this comment puts me in the running to win a copy of this beautiful cookbook. I sure would enjoy this!

    The Souper

  3. I am such a carnivore! This book is right up my alley. From the pictures that you’ve shared here, the recipes look delicious. Count me in the running for the giveaway. Thanks!

      1. you get to take the food home from the shoot? you seriously have the best job. it looks SO good.

        What’s under that tasty looking crust? Is it chicken pot pie? Or something even more delightful?

  4. This sounds like a wonderful cookbook for fall recipes. On a side note, I think it would be absolutely fascinating to shadow a food stylist for a day. I love that you show us an insider’s view of these photo shoots.

  5. Now, I’m officially beyond hungry. And there is nothing in my immediate area that looks even close to as tasty as those photos!

  6. Hi there,

    Found my way here thanks to a @steamykitchen tweet. The cookbook/food/photos/{everything} looks amazing and my stomach is growling.

    I just ate. My stomach shouldn’t be growling.

    And the puddle on my laptop? Drool.

    Anyway, will take a look at the rest of your blog now. Seems like good stuff if this post is any indication.

    I will also mop up my mess.

    Amber DeGrace ( @amberdegrace )

  7. omg omg omg omg pick me pick me pick me! the first pic looks delicious! what is it? I need to make it!

    thanks for the giveaway! 😛

  8. How awesome would it be to have a food stylist (and food photog) around for all your dinner parties at home? Oh, wait. I live in NYC. I don’t have room to throw dinner parties.

  9. Cookbook looks great….I checked it out on Amazon. New cookbooks are one of my favorites about Fall as well. Nothing like curling up with one and planning out all the new things to try for the coming winter and holidays!

  10. Ironically I posted a status on facebook a couple days ago about craving ribs and then I see that picture of ribs. It’s a sign that I must have me some ribs ASAP.

  11. How lucky am I to find your blog during a giveaway! woo hoo!

    The photos are beyond STUNNING and that first shot of osso bucco made me want to slurp the bone marrow out… like really badly – and thats not something i do. lol.
    I just added you to my google reader! I look forward to your awesome photos and foodie adventures!!!

  12. I would just like to state that not only am I drooling over the food but I’m drooling over those food props. Oh to have room in my tiny one bedroom apartment for things like that!

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