a belated happy halloween


First, congratulations to Sarah E. Welch for winning the drawing for a copy of Falling off the Bone by Jean Anderson, and thanks to everyone for so many entries!  I’m a day late, but if you’ve got kids who went trick-or-treating yesterday, then I bet you’ll be celebrating Halloween with all that candy for weeks to come.  I baked up some bars for the office, blondies to be more precise, topped with a little Indian candy corn.  I’m not sure what’s up with the “Indian corn” name to be honest, but I like the chocolate-striped ones better than regular candy corn.  The blondie recipe will have to remain a secret for now because it comes from a book I’m editing which won’t be published for another year. But I can tell you the recipe was created by Sally Sampson for a book to be published in partnership with an amazing organization called Cookies for Kids Cancer — definitely check out that link to learn more.

white chocolate chips

The cool thing about the recipe is that there are white chocolate chips melted into the batter and added as chunks at the end (along with walnuts).

Blondies batter

I was a little suspicious about the batter because it was so incredibly thick, I had to pat it down flat.  But the recipe said that would be required, so I tried not to worry too much. It does make a very dense bar — nothing “cakey” about this recipe.

Indian corn

Adding the Indian corn at the end was my simple variation, for the spirit of the holiday. Of course I’ve got most of the bag of candy still left — Must.Resist.Eating.Whole.Bag…


Belated Happy Halloween, everyone!

18 thoughts on “a belated happy halloween

  1. Those bars do look richer than sin, though I, personally, would skip the candy corn.
    Since you actually like it, I will happily send you what’s left over here. I’m keeping the Snickers bars though!

  2. I just made pumpkin blondies that have white chocolate chips melted in as well as whole in the batter and man are they tasty! I love the addition of candy corn to this. I should stock up now that Halloween is over and they’re on sale!

  3. I too have never seen the chocolate striped candy corn. I’ve only seen the white, orange and yellow versions. I’m intrigued, though not intrigued enough to go and buy some, as I remember candy corn being tooth achingly sweet.

    Also, I remember not being able to stop eating it, regardless of how sweet it is.

    1. hmm, really? I wonder if they’re an East Coast thing? They’re probably selling them for 25 cents a bag here now that Halloween is over. I should send you some. Actually, they seem to only sell them in 2-pound bags, so it would cost more to ship than buy. And yeah, I’m still eating that candy corn. Yikes.

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