2nd chance for Anjum’s New Indian giveaway

Squash Curry

Note: This drawing is now closed — the winner is Mina from Fresh Brioche.  Congrats! If my last post about the shrimp curry from Anjum’s New Indian (named by Epicurious as one of the six best cookbooks of 2010) wasn’t enough to convince you to enter the drawing for a free copy (U.S. residents please), then here’s another chance.  First up, this amazing Bengali Squash with Chickpeas.  It’s made with butternut squash, and besides needing to cook it for a little longer than the recipe specified, it was pretty awesome. I won’t recount making the entire recipe, but here are a few snapshots.

chiles and onion

mustard paste


Shrimp Coconut Curry

A lot of interesting ingredients — toasted spices, chiles, bay leaves, mustard and more. But now you’re thinking, “Wait, what else did you make, because that looks like shrimp in the pan above?”

Shrimp Coconut Curry

Yes, I made another shrimp curry from the book by Cooking Channel star Anjum Anand. (Three homemade curries in one day is a very good day.)  This one was called Coconut and Mustard Shrimp, and I’d describe it as more of a dry curry, with a very thick coating of a coconut-y sauce.  It had a sort of floral quality to it, and I’d say this one is for bold eaters and coconut-lovers. It was quite a day of cooking, and I have the smell of Indian spices in my apartment three days later to prove it.  And remember, add a comment on the other post, or heck, just post a comment here, and I’ll enter you into the drawing for a free copy of Anjum’s New Indian.

17 thoughts on “2nd chance for Anjum’s New Indian giveaway

  1. All I want now is some rice or fresh roti to go with that shrimp curry. We cook a lot of Indian food at home because my husband is Trinidadian, and I know well that kitchen smell after a day of serious cooking. (And for Trinidadians, there’s no such thing as non-serious cooking.)

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