Turkey Day — the savory stuff


As good as the desserts and snacks were this year at my house, the savory stuff might actually take the cake.  All of the recipes came from older cookbooks — nothing wrong with that, right?  Mind you, I’m not much of a turkey guy.  But this work of perfection comes from The Bon Appetit Cookbook.  It’s pretty much my go-to source for holiday cooking.  Too bad I didn’t get a photo of the shiitake mushroom gravy!


This gorgeous stuffing is from the Bon Appetit book too.  You start with two loaves of sourdough bread, and you cut the crusts off.  There’s sweet Italian sausage in there (oh yeah) and frozen artichoke hearts.  Crazy, right?  This stuffing pretty much rules.

sweet potato bourbon soup

I always need to have some kind of sweet potato or butternut squash soup at my Thanksgiving table.  This year I went with an old favorite, the Virginia Sweet Potato and Bourbon Soup from The Glory of Southern Cooking by James Villas (the same book where those cheese straws came from).  Heavenly.

broccoli casserole

I needed some greens for the table, but somehow my greens turned out golden brown like everything else.  Okay, so I wasn’t surprised.  The amazing recipe is called Broccoli Cheese Dish, and it comes from Bake Until Bubbly by the award-winning Clifford Wright.  I know we’re supposed to be about whole foods and natural cooking, but that crumbly stuff on top is made from crushed-up Ritz crackers, toasted in butter.  I start drooling just thinking about it.

apple cheddar quich

Last up, this Deep Dish Apple & Cheddar Quiche.  I know it sounds a little like dessert, but this definitely belongs at the dinner table.  Just like that soup, this also comes from The Glory of Southern Cooking.  How amazing does that look on top?  It tastes even better.

11 thoughts on “Turkey Day — the savory stuff

  1. I’m one of those people who actually don’t like stuffing that much but this one sounds like something I would eat right up! Also, while I’m a big supported of whole foods and natural cooking and all that jazz, I have no qualms about Ritz crackers (and other things that are far worse). It’s all about balance! 😉

    1. sorry, i must have mis-read. i thought you said you don’t like stuffing that much. that’s just not possible, right? okay, kidding. and thanks about the Ritz crackers. that dish was yum.

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