to skin or not to skin

Best Ever Chocolate Pudding

I had a lot of ingredients leftover from my Thanksgiving cooking, so I went on a bit of a cooking/baking spree to use them up.  The “Best Ever Chocolate Pudding” from Joanne Chang’s amazing Flour cookbook came to the rescue for making use of the half & half and heavy cream I still had in the fridge.  So does the recipe live up to it’s name?  I’m going with yes. The funny thing is, I had to improvise a bit.  I didn’t have the right amount of half & half, I didn’t have bittersweet chocolate at all (I did have plenty of unsweetened and semi-sweet, so I could wing it), and I didn’t have a vanilla bean to make the “vanilla sugar.” Add to that, I’m pretty sure I over cooked my pudding.

Best Ever Chocolate Pudding

This isn’t a book I edited or published, but it always drives my authors a little crazy when I tell them stories of all the things I do wrong when I make their recipes, especially when it comes to desserts. (I wonder if my friend Joanne will feel the same way?) But in my mind, it’s a sign of a really good recipe when I can totally screw it up and still get amazing results like this.  Seriously, this was practically liquid fudge.  (That’s a very good thing.)

Best Ever Chocolate Pudding

The recipe specifically calls for putting plastic wrap over the top to prevent a “skin” from forming.  Oops.  Just kidding — I deliberately didn’t put plastic wrap on top because I’ve loved that skin on top of pudding ever since I was a kid.  Isn’t that the best part?  Jen totally agreed with me on this, so I know it’s not just me.  So I ask, do you like the skin or not? P.S. Buy this cookbook.

17 thoughts on “to skin or not to skin

  1. Man – now you are tempting me to get this book. I was trying to be so good but I was flipping through it this weekend at the store and it looked so good.

    As for the skin – it’s a MUST.

  2. there was no choice when i was growing up. it was pudding with skin or no pudding. so i guess i got used to it. i didnt really like it, but it was, after all, chocolatey so i couldnt leave it uneaten.

    but apart from that, can i just say that first pic of this series is absolutely gorgeous?

    1. thanks. it was pretty intense, although you could easily improvise like i did if you want a more sweet or semi-sweet flavor, rather than bittersweet. it’s a versatile recipe, as I mentioned.

  3. i love skin so much, i actually 1) pour the pudding into flat recipients, so that the surface of the skin is bigger and 2) I eat the first skin while the pudding is still warm, so that it makes another one. 😀

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