chocolate macs to the rescue

Coconut Macaroons

As I mentioned in my last post, lately I’ve been all about using up the ingredients I had leftover from Thanksgiving. That amazing pudding from Flour came to the rescue when I had loads of half-and-half and heavy cream in the house. But the pudding had a lot of egg yolks in it, and there I was stuck with the whites.  Back to the drawing board… so I put a call out on Twitter to my foodie friends, asking for suggestions for how to use up those seven whites. After I got over the feelings of inadequacy when Irvin Lin told me he had 75 egg whites in his freezer that he needed to use up, I found this recipe on Joy the Baker.

Coconut Macaroons

I haven’t had lots of luck with coconut macaroons in the past (think soggy), so I was dubious at first. But Joy says her recipe was originally from Alton Brown, and he usually knows his stuff. You whip up the whites until they’re “very stiff.” That’s where recipes I’ve tried before have gone wrong. And then you toast the coconut — partly it’s so that you get nice color, but it’s really to dry out that bagged sweetened coconut, which is pretty damp when you use it as-is.

Coconut Macaroons

I just looked back at Joy’s recipe and realized she calls for dipping them in milk chocolate. I went with a blend of semi-sweet and bittersweet instead, and the results were awesome. I might even make these again for Christmas.

10 thoughts on “chocolate macs to the rescue

  1. Well your wish is my command! has a pic of the egg whites. frozen at different times. Left bag has them as individual egg whites. Right bag has them as double egg whites.

    I should write a cookbook on using up egg whites. Lord knows I have enough of them to recipe test.

  2. 75 now that’s someone I need to hang out with! My problem is usually the leftover yolks. What about French macarons, angel food cake, marshmallows, or Italian, French or Swiss Meringue? I sometimes top cupcakes off with Italian Meringue… generally a hit!

  3. The consistency of these looks awesome. I have made them before but have not toasted the coconut or whipped the whites. Will have to give them a try during my holiday baking session this weekend.

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