marriage proposal cookies

German chocolate chunk cookies
I don’t mean to brag, but I had an awesome weekend.  Besides the totally fun Bust Craftacular on Sunday, Joanne Chang was in town promoting her cookbook, Flour, and you probably already know what a huge fan I am of the book. So I stopped by the incredible The Brooklyn Kitchen to see her do a baking demo and say hi. (If I had a shop like this in my neighborhood, I’d be a happy guy.) Then I was reading about about the yummy-looking coconut sugar cookies over on Gluten-Free Girl (I think she’s doing non-stop giveaways for her cookbook, by the way), which reminded me about these cookies (not gluten-free) I made from Sally Sampson’s Recipe of the Week Cookies. I think they were called German Chocolate Chunk. I’m calling them “marriage proposal cookies” because that was the reaction I got to these babies. Seriously, my co-workers pretty much lost their minds. I’ve made a lot of cookies over the years but never anything that got quite the reaction these did. So I don’t know if the whole marriage proposal thing works both ways, but if a certain someone is taking a little too long to pop the question, you might want to find the recipe and make a batch of these to get the ball rolling.

14 thoughts on “marriage proposal cookies

  1. I wish they had bakeries that nice in Amsterdam where I live… New York is such an amazing food destination… you’re very lucky living there!

    These cookies look like they deserve such a reaction too… You’d better watch out who you give them to! 🙂 Very nice blog BTW, You’re in my Google reader now!

    1. You mean like The Brooklyn Kitchen? It’s an amazing place, but it’s really a market with a butcher shop, kitchenwares, ingredients, and other interesting stuff. But you’re right — NYC is amazing. I would think Amsterdam would be cool too. Anyway, thanks for visiting.

  2. Wow, these sound and look so awesome! I just read your Chunky Lola cookie post too, so now I can’t decide which one I’d rather make.

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