holiday cookie madness

assorted holiday cookies

Don’t get me wrong… “madness” is the norm at my house when it comes to holiday baking.  I like to put together cookie assortments like the one above, and it takes a little planning to have everything still fresh on Christmas morning.  I love the red plastic wrap, by the way.  A chef friend picked on me for my lack of decorating skills, and I’ll forgive him for it.  But to be honest, I think the above assortment looks pretty darned good.

mint kiss mini cupcakes

I won’t get into too much detail about these mini cupcakes because I’ve talked about them before.  You bake them up and pop a mint Kiss inside, and the recipe is on the back of the package if you can find these.  I picked them up at Target.

Wedding Cake Cookies

And I won’t talk too much about the Mexican wedding cookies because I make a variation on this theme every year.  The recipe this year came from Alice Medrich’s new Chewy Gooey Crispy Crunchy Melt-in-Your-Mouth Cookies.  Yes, the “about me” sidebar on my blog says most of the cookbooks I talk about are ones I worked on or got for free, and to not trust my opinion because it’s so biased.  But I’m such a big Alice Medrich fan, I bought the book for myself.  And then I went crazy baking from it.  So trust me — it’s amazing. And so were these cookies, which I made with walnuts this year.  She says you need a food processor, but I improvised with my blender just fine.

Chocolate Decadence cookies

I will however talk about these cookies, also from the new Alice Medrich book, at length. It’s worth the price of the book for this recipe, Chocolate Decadence Cookies, alone, although it reminds me a lot of an equally amazing one in the classic Death by Chocolate by Marcel Desaulniers.  I made my cookies a lot smaller than specified, so I had to tweak the timing a bit.

Chocolate Decadence cookies

But I’m not sure it’s even possible to go wrong.  Just keep an eye on the cookies as they bake — they’re done when you see some cracking on top.  They stay amazingly soft, just a bit crispy on the outside and more tender-gooey on the inside.  And they’re perfect for packing up in a cookie gift box.

Chocolate Decadence cookies

More to come about my holiday cookie baking in the next couple of posts.  I hope you had some holiday baking fun this season, or at least some holiday eating fun.

20 thoughts on “holiday cookie madness

  1. Nice, Justin! What are the little cookies in the first shot — the ones with the coconut? They look real good. I felt the holiday cookie love too and rocked out with the Tate’s cookbook — made their gorgeous flat chocolate chip jobbies (because really, I can’t pay $8 for a sleeve of cookies, but I’m happy to buy a cookbook and make them) — their recipe rocks. Dead on. I love when the product companies are brave enough to share their recipes — and they don’t give us a bum steer.

  2. Why did your chef friend make fun of you? I think the cookies look exactly the way that homemade cookies should look! 🙂 I think the ones that interest me the most are the mini cupcakes with the kisses popped inside after baking. I would looove to eat one of those right now.

    1. right, thanks! he picked on me for using the red plastic wrap i guess. if you buy the mint Kisses, you can get the recipe on the package, so keep an eye out. they’re quite yummy.

  3. Looks like you’ve been plenty busy this holiday season. Those tiny choc cookies from Alice’s book look like little truffles. I could pop those in my mouth while watching TV and before you know it, they’re all gone!
    I wish you and Jenn (and your daughter) a very Happy New Year filled with happiness, good health and lots of sweet creations! :o)

  4. You’ve got me drooling Justin! I bought myself a copy of the book right before the holiday and you are making me want to take a crack at it right now. These cookies look amazing.

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