fresh cupcakes

cupcakes from FLOUR by Joanne Chang

I might have said I was done raving about Flour by Joanne Chang.  Oops.  These cupcakes from her book are awesome.  You might have to back-order the book if you want a copy now, but it’s worth it.  Now for two pet peeves I have about desserts. First, what’s up with those shows about crazy cake decorating?  They spend days working on those cakes. Is the cake fresh anymore?  Would you really want to eat a cake that someone had been designing for 2 or 3 days?  Hmmm…  Next, people sometimes ask me what my favorite cupcake places are in New York City.  My answer is usually “none.”  Maybe that makes me a snob, but if you bake cupcakes (or regular cakes), you know what I mean.  What beats a really fresh cupcake? Nothing.  I don’t see how a store-bought cupcake could ever compare to homemade.  By the way, I know I have no decorating skills whatsoever. These cupcakes were all about the taste, and the taste rocks.  Just look at that frosting. It was almost ridiculous.

24 thoughts on “fresh cupcakes

  1. Oh my goodness, those whipped air bubbles are so heavenly! Abe and I took a cupcake class at Butter Lane… where he learned how to crack eggs.

    Mmmm, these cupcakes though, you hit the nail on the head: ridiculous.

  2. I agree, there is nothing like a homemade cupcake. There is always a debate to frost with buttercream or Royal Icing (like Nigella Lawson) I enjoy both.
    Joanne Chang makes baking look so easy. Would like to see her recipe for cupcakes. Hope her book comes to our Library soon.

    The Souper

  3. I can’t stop talking about the Flour Bakery cookbook either! Made the dog treats for some of my nonhuman friends the other day, and they were over the moon too. Is Joanne a certified genius or what?

    As for NYC cupcakes, the only place that gets my cash is Sugar Sweet Sunshine on Rivington – their lemon frosting hits the spot.

    1. i’m curious if you tasted the dog treats, out of curiosity. just the smell of normal dog food seems gross to me, but if i baked something from scratch for my dog, i’d be curious about the taste since i’d know exactly what was in it. anyway, i figured the comments might start mentioning favorite cupcake spots in nyc. i’ll keep my opinions to myself on this subject… thanks for stopping by though.

  4. I know. Cupcakes are just pretty to look at. Everytime I buy it simply by the look, I get dissapointed after taking the first bite. Too sweet, too much frosting, too dry, blah, blah, blah…
    I can’t say that my cupcakes are better than the ones from a bakery, but I do like the fact that I can control the sweetness and the amount of frosting.

  5. I too do not like to buy cupcakes from bakeries as more often than not, they are too sweet or stale….homebaked is still the best:D

  6. Those cupcakes look wonderful and I agree completely with you regarding cupcake shops…..Most of them are ok at best and very overpriced. We have several here in Northern Virginia and DC and nothing compares to fresh and homemade ones! As far as the cake decorating shows…..I love food shows but never understood shows where cakes don’t even look like cakes anymore. Doesn’t look appetizing to me and you have a good point – how fresh could they be!!!!!

  7. I so agree. My fav cupcakes are best still slightly warm so that the frosting barely stays on… then they are perfect and I am ashamed to say I usually down a few as I frost. Mostly not fancy frosting, mind, but a good homey coating does me just fine… unless I have to take a picture. Those 4 day old cakes??? UGH.

  8. OMG – those cake decorating shows are so annoying to. Like who you really like to eat a cake that has been man-handled for what seems liek days on end? And who really east fondant? YUK!!! OH – and I got my copy of Flour this weekend. Yippie! Can’t wait to start baking from it. Every recipe looks better than the next.

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