mystery bars

Black Bottom Praline Bars

After years of blogging about fun stuff, trips, favorite food events and restaurants, baking, and the latest cookbook I’ve edited, recently I decided to try something different. Once again I have to credit Shauna for the inspiration to put a little more of myself out there. I wasn’t expecting the amazing response I’ve gotten, but I sure am happy about it. Some of you posted comments. A bunch more of you emailed me, including both people I only know through the web and long-time friends. A few of you even reached out by phone and in person. My thanks go out to all of you. It’s so special when someone relates to my experience through memories of their own, sometimes even painful ones. And that’s where this post comes in, a forgotten memory. I baked these bars back in December, but when I looked at the photo, I had no idea where the recipe was from. A blog? A cookbook? They sure look tasty!

Black Bottom Praline Bars

Thank goodness for the photos of the individual bars. Clearly there are two layers there, so that narrowed down my search quite a bit. No big surprise, I eventually found the recipe in the amazing Alice Medrich book I’m always blogging about — Black Bottom Pecan Praline Bars. There’s a very dense brownie layer and then a sugary-pecan layer on top. I love that combination of textures which you just can’t get from a single-layer bar. So thanks again, everyone. It’s time to make some new memories.

23 thoughts on “mystery bars

  1. These look great!
    Don’t you hate when that happens? Sometimes I’ll think back to something I’ve made in the past but have no clue where I had gotten that recipe from. Sometimes I’m able to track it down… but not always.

  2. Wow! These bars look phenomenally good.

    It’s always a touch decision about the amount of personal information to include in posts, but I do think that readers appreciate learning a little more about their favorite bloggers. I am looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  3. I think my stars would align more perfectly, if I ate more pecan praline bars-delicious.

    I agree with Cookin’ Canuk it’s a tough decision to decide how much personal information you want to divulge in a blog. However, if your blog does not feel real or personal, people don’t connect, and move on.


  4. I’m “reading” your post but the words that come to mind are “you *sound* so much more upbeat”. Glad to hear that! :o)

    These bars look wonderful. I can’t eat pecans but I’m thinking these might not be too bad with almonds. Gotta try it!

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