JP’s brownies

Jennifer Perillo brownies

Either I’m getting old, or I’m way too busy. Or maybe it’s both. I keep making yummy recipes and then forgetting where they came from. Or in this case, I remember that the recipe for these awesome brownies is from In Jennie’s Kitchen, but I can’t remember who told me about it. Was it someone on Twitter, or another blog? I’ve started posting photos to my Flickr page right away, just to help me keep track. To whoever told me about this killer recipe, thank you.

Jennifer Perillo brownies

One of my theories of baking is that any bar or cookie is so much better when it has chunks on top. This particular recipe didn’t need any help — the texture is perfect — but I’m convinced you can take an otherwise just-average recipe, blanket the top in nuts, chocolate, and other doo-dads, and it becomes something so much better. Of course if you’re not into nuts, then maybe this particular recipe isn’t for you. But I’m a total nut freak, so these were an instant favorite. Thanks, Jennifer.

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