mystery of the chocolate pecan chubbies

Double Chocolate Pecan Cookies

Not too long ago my friend Mollie was tweeting about how good the Chocolate Pecan Chubbies are at Amy’s Bread, the famous bakeries in New York City. As you may know, I worked with Amy’s on their most recent two cookbooks, which might explain why I bake from The Sweeter Side of Amy’s Bread so often. So how had I never heard of these  chubbies before? I responded to Mollie, and she insisted they are one of the best cookies in all of New York City. I checked my copy of the cookbook and couldn’t find anything by that name, but I did find these Double Chocolate Pecan cookies and immediately baked up a batch. Then I contacted coauthors Amy Scherber and Toy Kim Dupree to clear up the mystery.

Double Chocolate Pecan Cookies

Toy said they used to make the Double Chocolate Pecan cookie in the bakery, but it was too tender and breakable. That’s when they came up with the Chocolate Pecan Chubbies, a sturdier cookie that can take a little more handling without crumbling apart. But for home bakers, they put the original recipe in the book. Just be careful with these if you’re bringing them to a friend’s house — they need to be treated like precious cargo if you want them to survive the trip in one piece. Or just make a batch and keep them at home for yourself to enjoy. Now I have to stop by one of the Amy’s Bread bakeries and see if the chubbies version is as good as the homemade ones (which are insanely yummy).

14 thoughts on “mystery of the chocolate pecan chubbies

  1. Have you ever made her whole wheat Irish soda bread? I was thinking about it for next week since green beer is just not my thing–test out the new oven and all. I’ve had it at the shop and it’s amazing…but I’m a little nervous about making it partly because the recipe says that the loaf should be like a “loose pile” not a round ball….and I know I’ll screw it up.

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