mish-mash post

Korean bibimbop

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a post like this, not really about anything much in particular. I always mean to make them about other things I do, and then they end up being just about food. I hope that’s okay with everyone. First up, I enjoyed this bibimbap at a relatively new Korean place on Clinton Street called Patate Fellow, and I need to go back and try some more dishes.

Asian pears

After I wrote that crazy post about foods I hate, a few people suggested I try Asian pears. Well, I did. Definitely better than regular pears, but I’m still on the fence.

Korean tofu dish

Did you see the Serious Eats post about the sorta-new food court on 32nd Street (aka, Korea Town)? I’ve been there a lot lately. I can’t quite remember what this dish was called with so much tofu and the fried egg on top, but I’m pretty sure it was tasty.

Kin Shop, NYC

Speaking of Asian food, I had a great lunch at Kin Shop with my friend Jennifer recently. Almost everything we were served was unfamiliar in presentation, so it’s a fun place to eat with adventurous foodie friends.


Il Laboratorio del Gelato moved to huge new digs on Houston Street, with glass windows all around so you can watch them in action in the kitchen. And of course the gelato is still amazing.

sweet potato fries

I left this off my Philadelphia recap, but I went back to 500 Degrees — love that place, especially these chunky sweet potato fries.

ice cream sandwich

I’ve talked about The Meatball Shop before, so you know I’m a fan, but I only just recently tried the ice cream sandwiches. This is how you do dessert.

udon noodle soup

Udon West isn’t new, but it’s such a great value. You can find me there all the time when I’m craving something really satsifying. Plus, with the counter seating, it’s a perfect place to eat alone.


This will sound crazy, but I think I’d eaten Eggs Benedict just once in my life up until this week. Then I had it two days in a row. Weird, right? This one at Loreley was perfect — what a gooey mess of yum.

33 thoughts on “mish-mash post

  1. that was great. fast and lotsa pix, just how i like. feel like i’ve travelled with you. speaking of hated foods, im a 20 year vegetarian who gags at the sight of tofu. well, maybe superdried is passable but the normal stuff–arghhh.

    1. wow! what a feasty trail of treats! i think i love fresh simple food best- when you can taste what you’re eating and see what’s in it. but then i think i might say that about everything when i’m in the moment with it.
      again, such a wonderful blog!
      ~Juliane of http://www.StyleNectar.com

  2. Its absolutelly fine with me that you end up writting and posting about food.
    I admire your cooking skills, love your photographs .
    Everything looks and sounds so delicious ♥

  3. I wasn’t that hungry before. Now I am.

    I would like to place an order for that bibimbap. And the Korean tofu thing. And the udon. And the ice cream sandwich. And the gelato. And the sweet potato fries.

    And my partner AJ will take the eggs benedict please.

    Thank you.

  4. Everything looks incredible. If I could go to NYC now, I would. If I ever make it out there, I am definitely referring to your blog as a restaurant guide! Now you got me looking at plane tickets 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for making me hungry! 🙂 All of it looks so yummy!!

    I just wrote about your first photo. YUMMM!

    Props to you for trying a Korean pear! 😀

  6. Well here are some terrific NYC suggestions…should have ck your blog first but still look forward to hearing from you. The gelato looks devine, and I do love eggs beni!

  7. The egg dishes look mouth-watering. Looks like you’ve been eating a lot of very good food lately!

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