Aaron McCargo, Jr. — the new book is finally out

Aaron McCargo, Jr.

If you happened to be watching HSN over the weekend, then you might have already heard the news — Aaron McCargo, Jr. (host of Food Network’s Big Daddy’s House and former winner of The Next Food Network Star) is about to publish his first cookbook, Simply Done, Well Done. In fact you can already find it for sale if you know where to look. The last time I wrote about the photoshoot for this book, it was still a little hush-hush.

Simply Done, Well Done by Aaron McCargo, Jr.

Now you can see how the shoot turned out — check out this awesome cover designed Suzanne Sunwoo, who sometimes visits my blog and posts comments — great work! The fantastic cover photo was shot by Lucy Schaeffer. In fact, Lucy took all of the real photos in the book, but here you’ll have to settle for my behind-the-scenes snap shots.

food photos

food photos

Of course the great thing about taking snapshots at a professional photoshoot is that experts do all the styling. Simon Andrews was in charge of the food, and Amy Wilson did the props. They’re a great team, needless to say.


Aaron brought his own cool shirts — the purple one from the cover is missing here, probably because he was wearing it at the time. These were all great options, but I think we made the right choice about the shirt color.

food photos

food photos

More finished dish shots. If you can’t tell, this the bold-flavored food Aaron McCargo is best-known for. In other words, delicious.

Simon Andrews, food stylist


A little more behind-the-scenes action. That’s Simon, the food stylist, working his magic, and there are some of Amy’s cool plate choices. I wish I had all of those at my house.

food photos

food photos

food photos

food photos

I don’t know about you, but this is my kind of food.

food photos

And I guess I saved the best for last — Aaron McCargo, Jr.’s Tiramisu Cupcakes. Best of all, you don’t have to wait to buy the book to try out this recipe because it’s posted here on Amazon as a little teaser. I can vouch for them, but if you try out the recipe, let me know what you think.

19 thoughts on “Aaron McCargo, Jr. — the new book is finally out

  1. Thanks, Justin! You know I love working on your covers.

    You’re actually on my Google Reader, so I do read all your posts. 🙂

    I wish I was on that shoot so I could have eaten those cupcakes!

  2. Ah… You know these are my favorite posts of yours. A peak at the photo shoot. I LOVE seeing how things are done, and how gorgeous it all is when it’s set up. If only I had access to all those plates and food stylists. And that food. Those tiramisu cupcakes look fantastic!

    Thanks for the sneak preview! Love it.

  3. I love Big Daddy’s fun and bold approach to food. There is also something so personaable about him. Like he’s one of your buds next door. Can’t wait to pick this one up, which my husband will be thrilled about as he’s a HUGE fan as well. I remember him winning Next Food Network Star and being beyond thrilled. So happy to see his star is still rising.

  4. I love a good sneak-peek! Every single photo has got me wanting to try the food so badly. Thanks for linking the cupcake recipe, that ought to satiate my hunger for now.

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