doughnuts on my mind

Peter Pan, Brooklyn

This was going to be one of my long posts about nothing in particular, but then I started thinking about doughnuts, and it brought a smile to my face. If you live in the NYC area, maybe it will do the same for you. And if you don’t, then maybe it’s time for a visit? I won’t even pretend my doughnut round-up is as authoritative as the one Kathy YL Chan wrote for Serious Eats, but I will tell you my “research” was a lot of fun. First up, the perfect red velvet doughnut at Peter Pan in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Peter Pan, Brooklyn

Peter Pan, Brooklyn

You may have heard me raving before about spots like Bob’s and Donut Dip, but they’re a little out of the way. If “old-school” is your thing, then Peter Pan is definitely worth a visit. Be prepared for a line out the door on weekend mornings, but it moves fast. My recommendation? Go with friends, don’t expect any crazy flavors, get a box or two, definitely get a red velvet one, and don’t plan on eating again for hours.

Babycakes book part

Babycakes book party

Babycakes book party

I stopped by a party to celebrate the launch of the newest cookbook from Babycakes bakery in the Lower East Side (and now L.A. too, I believe) — Babycakes Covers the Classics. This was my idea of a great way to spend a Thursday night — girls baking up tray after tray and taste-testing the doughnuts while still warm from the oven. Heaven. These were vegan and gluten-free, but I sure didn’t mind. Now I have to get myself a doughnut baking pan to try out the recipes at home. Congrats to my friend Tara Donne on the great photos in the book.

Dough, Brooklyn

Dough, Brooklyn

Last up, I only recently heard about Dough in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, and I was immediately intrigued because people were saying the style was similar to my long-time favorite, Doughnut Plant. It was a little out of the way for me, but I hitched a ride with Jennifer and Olga from the Union Square farmer’s market one morning. (I love those two, and they’re even more fun when they’re together.)

Dough, Brooklyn

I’m already a fan of light, yeast-dough-style doughnuts like these, fried to perfection and served while still incredibly fresh, but what I really loved was the interesting variety of flavors like passion fruit, blood orange, and hibiscus. And did I mention these massive treats are just $2 each?

Dough, Brooklyn

But a trip to Dough is really all about this — Dulce de Leche with Almonds. Seriously, I don’t care how out of the way Clinton Hill may be for you, this doughnut alone is worth a trip. In fact, just call me if you want to go because I doubt I’ll ever get over my cravings for this beauty. Mine was so fresh, the icing was still wet when they gave it to me. You can’t beat that. If somehow you’re not convinced yet to make the trip, then please check out my friend Liza’s beautiful behind-the-scenes video on Food Curated.

26 thoughts on “doughnuts on my mind

  1. hey – what are you still doing up? Don’t you have work tomorrow? 🙂

    I’m a cupcake girl through and through, but I tried Doughnut Plant a few weeks ago based on your recommendation (and other written reviews). Yum! I thought I would like the cake ones over the yeast ones, but the yeast were the best hands-down.

    Unfortunately, Dough is pretty far for me. Maybe I’ll get there someday….
    Look yummy thought.

    1. that’s a funny question since i know you get to work a lot earlier than i do! anyway, i don’t sleep very well these days. and i can say with total certainty that you would LOVE the Dough bakery, but maybe just drive there some time.

      1. Unfortunately, I had to go to a funeral today so I am not in the office.
        But I can’t seem to go to bed earlier than 12am these days. And I have to get up at 5:30am. So it’s been rough.

        Yes, I will definitely have to make my way to Dough!

        Hope you get some better sleep tonight! Is it just insomnia?

  2. justin justin justin – that 1st photo is unreal. red velvet donuts? never had one! oh my gosh would i love to try that one. i wonder how hard it is to recreate at home? not very just getting the right flavor down b4 frying.
    great post, really fun to read & drool.

  3. oh goodness. now you have me craving doughnuts! we have a place in Reno called Doughboys…they have the perfect raised coconut doughnut. I might have to need one, like now.

  4. Ok, I’ll give you the dulce de leche from Dough, but make sure to try the passionfruit next time. It was the only one that really made an impression on me (but I also made my own version of a caramel glazed doughnut for Hanukkah last year, so maybe that’s why it didn’t stop me in my tracks).

    Anytime you want to visit Doughnut Plant, let me know (and you know I have a soft spot for Peter Pan—literally). You deserve a medal for tolerating me, Olga and the childproof locks.

  5. Red Velvet Doughnuts….wow….i have never had them, but they have me hooked on to the idea….i’m blogging after so so long…saw that you moved to a new site only last week…:(….hvn’t been able to manage time for blogging after moving to india uptil now…looks like i have so many news things to explore here….;)

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