a few small things


“Small” isn’t necessarily my thing, at least not when it comes to food, but it seems to have been a trend lately in my wanderings. Macarons aren’t usually my thing either, but I stopped by the Share Our Strength bake sale in front of Kiehl’s in New York City, put together by my buddy Maggy of Three Many Cooks. Of course I bought a few treats to support the cause. I didn’t try these macarons made by Lillian of Sweets by Sillianah until I got home. As gorgeous as these look, they taste even better. Way better. In fact, I didn’t know macarons could be this good.

burger & fries styled cupcakes

Another treat from the bake sale, these ridiculously cute “burger” cupcakes, with fries on the side. Don’t ask me how Andrea from High/Low Food/Drink made them, just be amazed by how cool they are.

Vegetarian sliders

Before I visited the bake sale, I tried some vegetarian sliders from Mighty Balls at the Hester Street Fair. This was the African onion topping, which is so good you’ll be mopping up the extra bits of sauce in the paper plate as you eat.

Vegetarian sliders

And I think this is their cranberry horseradish sauce, another treat. I posted one of these photos on Twitter and got a few comments back that they look way too big to be sliders. I swear they were mini-size, although just two of them really filled me up. And for the meat eaters, they’ve got pork and beef meatballs too.

Momofuku cake truffles

Sometimes NYC seems like a huge and daunting city, and then I walk past Momofuku Ssam Bar late one night and spot my friend Brad Thomas Parsons eating inside at the bar, and suddenly the city seems more like a small village. Brad and I shared some food and beers, and then he insisted on buying me some desserts to go at Milk Bar. I opted for the banana-chocolate cake truffles above — a little bit of heaven.

Momofuku cake truffles

Brad bought me a few of the lemon-strawberry cake truffles too.  Oh my god. If you live in the city or are visiting soon, please try these and let me know what you think. But if you don’t love them, we can’t be friends.

soup dumplings

Next up, soup dumplings. Melissa from The Spatula Queen recently led a food crawl to Pacificana in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. It was my first time to the neighborhood, which is basically a third Chinatown in New York City and a great place for a large group, as long as you don’t mind a bit of travel time. Seventeen of us packed around a large (well, not that large) table including Marc, Ken, Jackie, Emily, and Nichelle.

dim sum at Pacificana in Sunset Park, Brooklyn

You probably knows how the dim sum thing goes with a large group — order a little bit of everything you see from the nice ladies with the carts. Then eat… a lot.

dim sum

These little custard tarts are a favorite of mine at any dim sum meal. You’d think I would have figured out how to make them myself by now. Sorry I don’t have group photos to show off from this event, but all of my snapshots caught somebody in mid-bite, and I’m afraid my fellow dim sum guests wouldn’t forgive me if I posted any of them.

dim sum check

Finally, something not so small — the dim sum bill. Actually, $180 plus tip isn’t so bad when you split it seventeen ways, but I couldn’t help but be amused by all of the marks on this card before we gave it in for totaling up.

29 thoughts on “a few small things

  1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Justin! I’m flattered you picked my macarons to try even though they were something “small” – but I guess they made up for it in flavor. 😉

    I need to get myself over to the Milk Bar asap… those lemon-strawberry cake truffles look ridiculously good!

  2. Look at those treats!! I love the fact that food bloggers all over the country got together and had the bake sale yesterday, what a wonderful cause. Probably safe I wasn’t at the NY Bake Sale, I’m afraid I would have come home with one of everything 🙂

  3. Too bad you couldn’t fly out to SF for a burrito and check out the bakesale going on there. I made a bunch of mac’s for our event. I really do think they’re the ‘new’ cupcake.. though a bit labor intensive. I did notice a lot of bakerella style cupcake-pops that are all the rage now too. You ever try making macs or cupcake pops? I’m not a big fan of the latter.

    1. a trip to SF would have been awesome. all of that is popular here now — macarons, pops, balls, etc. but i don’t really make that kind of stuff myself. i’m more of a cookies and bars kind of guy, with the occasional cake thrown in.

  4. Dim sum is awesome. I haven’t had it in forever…I must go eat some this weekend. And can I just say that you get to eat the best food. Perhaps I must venture out more into Phoenix to find more hidden food treasures. 🙂

  5. Ooh, thanks for the reminder to try Momofuku’s cake truffles. Their banana cake was my favorite thing ever, so I was sad to see slices go. Great to meet you at dim sum two weekends ago and thanks so much for your SOS bake sale support last Saturday.

  6. Oh my, can’t think of anything better than a well-made macaroon. You must not have had really fine ones in the past. I will have to be sure you get some good ones in the future 🙂

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