feels like Fall

Grilled Cheese

What’s the world coming to? Justcooknyc writing about grilled cheese? Well, grilled cheese is kind of trendy in NYC right now, but that’s not the reason. I’m writing about it because the weather cooled down last night, a lot. A live in a top-floor apartment which is great for light, but it gets quite warm in the summer. I’m air conditioner-dependent for sure, and I do a lot less cooking when it’s warm. A lot less baking too. But with the cool breeze flowing through my place today, I’ve got yummy things on my mind — brownies, soup, casseroles, and grilled cheese. A while back I was invited to a great event sponsored by Harry & David. Their executive chef was doing cooking demos, and I wondered how making grilled cheese was relevant since all I knew about were their chocolates, confections, and fruit baskets. It turns out they sell other things like relishes and salsas, so I watched the demo, and it got me thinking.

quince jelly

On my way back from Big Summer Potluck, I stopped by a roadside stand and picked up some local jarred goodies, including this quince jelly. I had some manchego in the house, so I grated that finely. The Harry & David chef inspired me to buy some raisin bread too. I spread the jelly on one side of the bread and added the grated cheese to the other. I fried that up in way too much butter, and it was just about perfect — both sweet and salty. Now I need to get myself a panini press for my desk at work so I can make grilled cheese for lunch everyday, and I’ll be all set.

9 thoughts on “feels like Fall

  1. have I had quince jelly? i’m getting so old I cannot remember.
    I was just outside closing the garage and I swear I just saw my breath in the cold air.
    Not happy about this.
    I will try and get into pumpkin and all that stuff….

  2. That sounds perfect indeed. I recently had an amazing grilled cheese at a restaurant in Brooklyn that made me want to experiment with more grilled cheese at home. This one has sliced granny smith apple, double smoked bacon and american cheddar and it was made in a panini press for a perfect crispy texture. So delicious.

  3. This looks so good. I adore grilled cheese sandwiches year round. I would also add a slice of prosciutto to this version.

    I used to follow your blog when you were still on Blogspot (and so was I) and then I forgot about you : (
    I’m so glad I found your blog again!

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