a little bit of Seattle

Seattle rainbow

I didn’t spend very long in Seattle since I was there to art direct a photoshoot (more to come about that some day), but I managed to witness every kind of weather from gorgeous sun to thick-as-paint fog. This rainbow was the highlight. You probably can’t get a sense of how massive it was from the photo, so I’ll just say we don’t get rainbows like that around here, and I took it as a sign of very good things to come. Here’s a recap of the time I did manage to squeeze in, eating my way around the city. Mind you, I wasn’t in downtown Seattle at all — instead friends took me to Wallingford, Freemont, Ballard, and spots like that, where the cool kids hang out.

Top Pot, Seattle

First up, Top Pot. Yes, I’ve been there before, but I was staying with friends who lived no more than a mile from one of the locations, so I stopped by for breakfast (twice). If you know me, then you know I’m all about the old-fashioned style doughnuts. Apparently Top Pot has a book out now too!

Trophy, Seattle

Next stop on the dessert tour — Trophy Cupcakes. If you like your cupcakes extra pretty and extra sweet, this is the spot.

Curtis Steiner, Seattle

Okay, so Curtis Steiner isn’t a food shop, but I made a little jewelry purchase there for someone special, and his stuff is gorgeous. Definitely check it out if you’re visiting Ballard.

Molly Moon's, Seattle

I know, I know, enough with the sweets! Molly Moon’s is totally worth it though. However, I have to warn you that their ice cream and sorbet flavors are intense. This is the tomato-basil flavor (yes, you read that right). My friend ordered the famous salted caramel. Both were awesome, but they’re so rich and strongly-flavored, you might not want more than a few bites. That’s okay — just go with friends, order a bunch of different flavors, and take turns trying everything.

Poppy, Seattle

Poppy, Seattle

Poppy — what a great recommendation. In fact nearly everyone I asked insisted I try Jerry Traunfeld’s place. All Poppy offers are thali-style plates with your choice of either 7 or 10 dishes, depending on how hungry you are. The food is Indian inspired but totally original, and there are plenty of options for vegetarians. Add to that the delightful staff, and you have a must-try restaurant if you’re dining out with culinarily-adventurous friends. P.S. One of these dishes featured beets, and I loved it!

Revel, SeattleRevel, Seattle

Revel, Seattle

Speaking of good spots for adventurous eaters, there is Revel. The food is Korean-inspired, but don’t expect to be served anything familiar here. Instead go with a friend or three and order as many dishes as you can because this food is perfect for sharing. The portions are very generous compared to what you get in NYC, so you’re not going to be splitting a single scallop into little bits to get a tiny taste. You can expect of a feast. We ordered five dishes for two people, and it was a lot of food. But it’s not just about quantity — everything is inventive and bold, my kind of food. Hey Revel owners, you should come open a shop in the East Village in NYC!

Delance, Seattle

Delancey, Seattle

Last up, Delancey of course. We were eating as the sun set, so I’m sorry I couldn’t get a better shot of the stellar bacon & onion pizza. When it comes to pizza, I’m pretty lucky. Besides having tried the incredible Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix, I’m lucky because I live here in NYC where I have easy access to Di Fara, Keste, Motorino, and more. Now when I think of those pizza greats, I’ll add Delancey to the list. I’m pretty sure a trip to Seattle would not be complete without stopping by for a pie. And if anyone tries to convince you share a pie, be sure to ignore them because it’s just too good not to be able to enjoy your own.

7 thoughts on “a little bit of Seattle

  1. I really enjoy reading your blog when you visit other cities and sharing the places you go to eat. From reading your posts when you were in San Fran. last yr. and raving about Bi-rite Creamery made my family want to try it. Thanks for posting a picture of the pizza you ordered from Delancey, do you know the owners personally? I am a big fan of Molly”s blog.
    On a personal note, so happy to know everything is good for you again in your personal life.

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