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Broccoli rabe with sausage

By now you know I’m a huge fan of Melissa Clark’s newest book, Cook This Now. Here’s another one of those amazing “November” recipes. This one is super versatile. In fact, it’s a recipe just for garlicky broccoli rabe.


But Melissa mentions an option of tossing in some sausage. I bought the spicy Italian-style sausage and cooked it for several minutes.

Broccoli rabe

About the actual broccoli rabe, don’t get too bogged down by the measuring. What I thought was interesting about Melissa’s recipe is that she doesn’t call for blanching the broccoli rabe at all. Every other recipe I’ve tried for broccoli rabe instructs you to do so, and I wondered if it would get tender enough. The trick seems to be covering the pan after you add the broccoli, which helps it wilt down a bit.

Broccoli rabe with sausage

The result was flawless (and gorgeous). Melissa says you can serve it with pasta, but honestly, we just ate it like that. Simple and perfect.

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