Cookie Swap NY ’11

Cookie Swap NYC '11

New Yorkers have all the luck. The food here is amazing — great restaurants, a cool food truck/cart scene, authentic specialty markets, and festivals year round. But it’s the social events which make me the happiest — gatherings like Pie Party Live and Brooklyn Swappers — because they bring people together. It’s the community which makes these events so nice, meeting with friends old and new, and sharing in a love of all things “yum.” So when I heard about Cookie Swap NY 2011 (being put together by my buddies Maggy Anderson Keet and Jackie Gordon, among others), of course I got excited. It’s only the second time they’d held one of these events, but it was my first time attending, so I felt like I had to go the extra mile. I decided to bake three different cookies. First I made the lime-cornmeal cookies from Flour by Joanne Chang, possibly the only recipe left in that book which I hadn’t tried yet — it’s another winner, although I might experiment with the coarseness of the cornmeal if I made them again.

Cookie Swap NYC '11

I also made the double chocolate cookies from Flour, which I’ve raved about before. Seriously, these cookies are sleepers, meaning that they look kind of normal, but they’re astounding in texture and richness. They’re for chocolate fiends.

Cookie Swap NYC '11

Lastly, I made Homesick Texan’s chipotle-spiced chocolate-pecan chewies again. I felt like something was different this time about the texture, but they were still great. Add to that, I got to put them on the gluten-free table at the event.

Cookie Swap NYC '11

Baking just for fun is nice, but the event itself, held at Hill Country BBQ, was put together to help raise money for a charity you might know I feel strongly about, Cookies for Kids Cancer. Wiley donated some cookbooks for a giveaway, along with other sponsors like KitchenAid. The book, by the way, has become a little hard to find this holiday season, but I’d recommend Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Williams-Sonoma, and soon the book will be at all Bed Bath & Beyond stores!

Cookie Swap NYC '11

I didn’t count, but there must have been something like 75 different kinds of cookies there. This round-up is by no means authoritative, and I would have taken more photos, but it was a little dark inside the restaurant for snapping pictures. Some highlights I noticed (and yes, these people are almost all my friends) included Hazel’s adorable bacon shortbread, cut in the shape of little piggies!

Cookie Swap NYC '11

Cookbook royalty was in attendance including Dorie Greenspan (seriously), Pam Anderson (love her), and Abby Dodge, who made these delights.

Cookie Swap NYC '11

My friend Louisa baked these, perfect for the holiday season.

Cookie Swap NYC '11

Gluten-free gingersnap candy cane sandwiches from Glow.

Cookie Swap NYC '11

Oh my god, Anna, how did I not get to actually taste these? Wow.

Cookie Swap NYC '11

Jess’s cool bullseye cookies.

Cookie Swap NYC '11

Speaking of cool — Debbie’s Nutella raspberry pinwheels — I love how these look.

Cookie Swap NYC '11

As if hundreds of cookies weren’t exciting enough, there was a BBQ feast too — Elizabeth Karmel and Hill Country BBQ went all out. The corn pudding and brisket were my favorites, so I went back for seconds of both.

Cookie Swap NYC '11

Possibly the best thing about Cookie Swap NY 2011 was something I didn’t expect — the secret stash cookies and special deliveries. Cathy started me off when she offered me some bacon rugelach… nice. Then Jackie passed me these mandarin-flavored sandwich cookies (in the photo above). Lillian gave me some insanely good macarons to take home. Ken slipped us some special treats as well. So next time I’ll know — save the really good stuff for handing out on the sly. Maybe next year I can be one of the “cool kids.”

34 thoughts on “Cookie Swap NY ’11

  1. Great recap Justin…pretty sure you’re already one of the cool kids!
    Next time I need to get in line for cookies way sooner…looking at your photos I realize how many containers were empty by the time I got there 😦
    Always great to see you at these events.

  2. I devoured one of those double-chocolate cookies last night–didn’t realize they were yours! The pile of cookies was so vast, I couldn’t keep track of whose were whose. My husband had to fight me to get a tiny taste of yours, it was so good.

    Really bummed we didn’t get to say hello yesterday. Maybe next time!

  3. I am so warmed by the incredible generosity of my blogging colleagues. Cookies for Kids Cancer is an organization near and dear to my heart (just as Liam, it’s inspiration, is). I am only sorry I couldn’t be there with all off you. Unfortunately, I was out of town (I just hate when work interferes with the important things in life!)
    I am salivating with envy over all the goodies– and thrilled by the success of the event.

  4. Psssssssst Justin…. YOU definitely are the cool kid! Gorgeous recap! New York really does have it going on with the all of it’s riches, especially this amazing community. Thanks for letting us hang out with you.
    We are very lucky to have you.
    Even if you won’t steal a cookie for me…

  5. I did get one of Cathy’s bacon rugelach (fabulous). Does that mean I am on the verge of cool? Love the pic of Jen and me. And I didn’t realize those lovely snowflake cookies were hers. Don’t tell anyone, but I took TWO of those. How cool is that?

  6. This is making me even more excited for the upcoming Boston Cookie Swap. Also, I love that you made Joanne Chang’s cookies! My boyfriend lives about a block from Flour, so we’re their all the time. LOVE her baked goods!

  7. i absolutely ADORE the Cookies for Kids Cancer Cookbook! And everythign I have made from there thus far has resulted in thumbs up. Also, the book is very well written!

    Love the cookie pics!

  8. Wish, wish, wish I’d been there. Did a double take when I saw the pic of Jen with…. Domenica–she’s here in DC, not in NY, how can she be there I was thinking! And I didn’t know you knew her–but then, why not!

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