taste wins — and a give-away

Pork, Carrots and Chevre

Note: This drawing is now closed. Have you ever been cooking something and wondered if it would turn out at all? I mean when the technique seems so foreign, you’re reaching for the phone to dial up the local Chinese restaurant for a delivery before you’ve even taste tested it? That was me over the weekend, testing out a recipe from the brand-new (not quite in stores yet) Hot & Cheesy by Clifford Wright. I don’t know why I doubted Cliff; recipes from his other books have always impressed me. For one thing, I rarely cook pork loin. For another, there are a lot of leeks in this recipe. And I never cook carrots.

Pork, Carrots and Chevre

You might be wondering what’s “cheesy” about this dish. It’s chevre, blended in towards the end of the cooking. That’s when the flavors go from mysterious to yum. It may not be the prettiest thing I’ve ever served for dinner, but it’s rich, almost tangy, and perfect for the kind of cold weather we’ve been having. Totally recommended. The next thing I made from this book was even better (hint, bacon and potatoes), so look out for another post about the new book soon. And if you’re still reading and live in the United States or Canada, post a comment below if you’d like to be entered into a drawing for a copy of Hot & Cheesy. I’ll close the drawing on Monday, January 23.

24 thoughts on “taste wins — and a give-away

  1. I always think of Clifford Wright as a historian… love his Mediterranean book. Hot and cheesy is quite a departure, I can imagine everything he does, he does well –– count me in!

  2. I’ve sure enjoyed following your blog from up here in Canada (where snow is abundantly falling as we speak). I’d gladly enter the draw, but if it is limited to locals, no problem… I’m happy to visit:)

  3. Sounds like an interesting and delicious dish. On the opposite, I cook carrot and pork loin all the time. But never thought of adding cheese to such a combination. 🙂 Would love to check this cook book out. Thank you for sharing.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

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