Georgetown Cupcake — New York City

Georgetown Cupcake Soho -- gluten-free lava fudge

Truth be told, this was the first gluten-free cupcake I tried after going gluten-free about seven weeks ago, not the cupcake I had at Tu-lu. I stopped by a Cupcakes Take the Cake event at the new Georgetown Cupcake in Soho with my friend Melissa, but I’d just planned to say a quick hello. I snapped a few photos and almost accidentally glanced at the menu, spotting the Gluten-Free Lava Fudge cupcake photographed above. What a nice surprise! Fortunately I’m not so worried about cross-contamination (at least not yet), though I have to say the staff was extra careful about not touching my cupcake with gloved hands which had just touched a traditional cupcake… very cool on their part. If you’ve ever been to the original bakery in D.C., you probably know how gorgeous the treats are here, but I’m all about the taste, which did not disappoint. Yes, it has that gluten-free texture to it, but I don’t think you’ll mind at all. In fact, because the cupcake is filled with chocolate-gooey yum, all of your attention is likely to be focused on licking every drop from your lips. It’s a winner for sure. And perhaps best of all is that this cupcake isn’t too large. I love sweets, but I don’t want to feel stuffed by them. Likely because the cupcakes are a little on the smaller side, they keep the price under $3, which I think is just right. According to the menu, they don’t make this particular cupcake every day, which is a shame, but I went back the next day and they had it again, so maybe it will become a regular thing… hint, hint.

8 thoughts on “Georgetown Cupcake — New York City

  1. Not sure how their baking operations work in the new SoHo spot, but in DC they bake their g-f cupcakes in the same ovens (and right next to) the regular ones. So, Georgetown Cupcake is not safe for people with celiac disease.

  2. What a gorgeous cupcake. I’ve never tried a gluten-free cupcake before and I certainly won’t pass the opportunity if I come across one that’s as beautiful as this one. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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