back to baking…

gluten-free peanut butter chocolate cookies

I guess I’ve been taking things slowly. Sure, I went gluten-free back in early January, but I wanted to get my head around savory cooking first. Baking could wait. My stand mixer got placed on the bottom shelf, hidden from view. Then I stopped by Ken and Lillian’s amazing Food Blogger Bake Sale over the weekend and bought some of Diana’s flourless peanut butter cookies. I chatted with her about the recipe as I snacked on the treats and finally asked for the recipe. I ran into Silvana the next day at New Amsterdam Market’s season opening and chatted with her about gluten-free baking (ironically, as we stood alongside Jim Lahey as he demonstrated his pizza-making techniques). Finally I went home and started baking. Out came the stand mixer.

gluten-free peanut butter chocolate cookies

I had a jar of Peanut Butter & Co.’s Dark Chocolate Dreams in my fridge. It’s great stuff, but it’s a bit rich for snacking like I’m known to do with more traditional flavors of peanut butter. So I got the idea of adapting Diana’s recipe — I substituted the chocolate peanut butter for the regular variety. And because I’m a chocoholic, I added dark chocolate chips instead of peanuts. I did everything else the same as the original recipe, baking them for just 9 minutes. Packing the dough tightly when forming the balls is important. These are really soft when they come out of the oven, so be patient and give them some time to cool before transferring to racks. The texture is amazing, which I hope you can see from the second photo. And did I mention this recipe is super easy? I’m still in no rush to try more gluten-free baking, especially now that the weather is getting nicer and I’ll want to spend more of my time enjoying the outdoors, but I’m glad I took that first step.

9 thoughts on “back to baking…

  1. Yay! Baby steps. And once you start baking gluten free, it’s so much fun to play with flours….

    Also, I’m quite the fan of Peanut Butter & Co. But I’m biased, as they had me develop some recipes for them…

    1. i’m a little biased too — the founder/owner is a friend. hmm, maybe i should have mentioned that in the post! i don’t think i paid for that jar of the chocolate peanut butter.

  2. Great idea. The original recipe makes some of the nuttiest, chewiest cookies. Have to try this with homemade chocolate hazelnut butter.

  3. Perfect timing!! I too have the same Chocolate Peanut butter and wanted to revisit a flourless cookie I made years ago. Will try this today. I love it when synchronicity happens. Thanks!

  4. I scrolled down a few posts and my stomach growled- the photos are lovely! Looking forward to trying some recipes! Thanks for writing.
    Check me out at sometime.

  5. I’m an enormous “nutella” (actually, there was this jar of organic hazelnut chocolate nut butter I bought in germany that was 56% hazelnuts… but, wait, I digress) fan, and I can’t belive I’ve never made flourless nut butter cookies with chocolate hazelnut butter! In the states, I’ve converted to Justin’s, but that originates from their single-serve packets for travel since you can a) take your own PB on plane and b) have non-crumb contaminated PB when visiting other folks w/o buying a whole jar of PB. Yes, TSA, that is peanut butter in my toiletry bag.

    What a great idea.

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