frittata ala Sara Kate

Herb-Spinach Frittata

I’m committed to having a Sara Kate kind of day. Sara Kate Gillingham-Ryan, that is. I was craving a frittata, which is a little weird because I never make frittatas. I’ve got nothing against eggs, by the way. In fact I make omelets all the time. But something about turning on the broiler gives me pause. Then I make an amazing recipe like this one from Sara Kate’s book Good Food to Share (courtesy of the publisher), and I wonder why I don’t make frittatas at least once a week. They come out of the oven bubbling and golden brown, aromatic with cheese, and what’s more tempting than that?

Herb-Spinach Frittata

About this recipe, it’s called Herbed Spinach and Emmentaler Frittata. I’ll call my version Herbed-Up Frittata. You see, I didn’t buy enough spinach, but the recipe calls for only a tablespoon each of chopped basil, thyme and parsley. Since I had to buy full bunches of all the fresh herbs at the market anyway, I went crazy with the herb measures. Don’t even ask me how much basil I put in there because it was ridiculous. Of course it turned out great because Sara Kate’s recipes are totally trustworthy, and because frittatas are so versatile. I love this book. The only downside of this recipe… I couldn’t stop eating it.

10 thoughts on “frittata ala Sara Kate

  1. It doesn’t look like this has any potatoes in it – am I right? I always think of frittatas as having potatoes and omelettes without…my rambling aside, this looks delicious!

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