frittata obsession


A little more about me —  when I find something I like, I get really into it. (We’re talking about recipes now, but this probably applies to most things in my life.) My idea of a great cookbook is one that offers inspiration. You follow the recipes by the book the first time, and then you experiment and make them your own. That’s how I’m feeling about frittatas now that I tried Sara Kate’s spinach recipe from Good Food to Share. I had some gorgeous garlic scapes in the house, which I’d never cooked with before. I was told to roast them or make them into pesto, but I improvised instead. I minced them up and then sauteed them in olive oil until they got a bit charred. I know that’s a no-no with regular garlic, but I felt like these needed a bit more cooking to get them almost crispy. I had some Aidells spinach and feta sausage, so I crumbled a couple of links of it into the pan with the scapes and also sauteed it until it got a bit crispy on the edges.


There was some feta cheese left over from the amazing zucchini “pasta,” so I mixed that in with the eggs. After the eggs were added, I cooked the frittata until the edges were setting up, grated some Pecorino on top, and transferred the skillet to the broiler to cook everything through. Can it get any easier than that? It wasn’t gooey with cheese like Sara Kate’s recipe, but the flavors were really well balanced. I’m a little embarrassed to say that just two of us ate the whole thing (it’s supposed to serve more like 4 people)… well, not that embarrassed.

6 thoughts on “frittata obsession

    1. i’m not sure why i never replied to this, but right, quiche is nice but not something i’m making now that i’m gluten-free, unless i can figure out how to make gluten-free crusts!

  1. Ooh, nice! I love frittatas (for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!) & this one looks especially good. Unfortunately, my boyfriend & I have the same problem as you – we want to eat our way through the entire thing in one sitting (but they’re sooo good!). 🙂

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