bringing back flourless chocolate cake

flourless chocolate torte batter

Some day I’ll stop talking about how much I like This is a Cookbook by Max and Eli Sussman (which the publisher was kind enough to give me a copy of to review), but that day isn’t today. I woke up early Saturday morning to try out the flourless chocolate cake. You might know I haven’t been doing much baking, which is kind of weird when you recall my endless raving about recipes by Joanne Chang and Alice Medrich over the years. I used to bake constantly. Then the gluten-free thing happened (which is still working amazingly well for me, btw). I just don’t crave desserts the way I used to now. And I don’t crave many things that I can’t eat. Pizza? Not so much. Sandwiches? No way. Cookies? Believe it or not, I just don’t think about them very often. Besides pasta, which I still love, I’m more interested in foods which are naturally gluten-free. And that’s where flourless chocolate cake comes in.flourless chocolate torte batter

I hadn’t seen one of these recipes in a while. It was more of a 90s thing, right? But there’s a recipe for a flourless chocolate torte in This is a Cookbook, and so I had to give it a try. The hard part is not eating the batter right out of the bowl.

Flourless chocolate torte

The recipe was pretty much flawless. In fact, I baked it in a 9-inch pan instead of the 8-inch as directed, and it still worked out great, though I baked it on the short side of the cooking time because I figured I needed to make an adjustment. They say to serve it with whipped cream (which I did) and to eat it right away while still warm. That was a good call, but honestly, even two days later after putting it in the fridge for a while, this was still amazing. I might have liked it a little bit better cold, come to think of it. Buy this book!

7 thoughts on “bringing back flourless chocolate cake

  1. Yum! How did I just realize now that you have an instagram feed?! Also, since you’ve gone the gluten-free route, does that stop you from baking gluten-full things for the office, family, others?

    1. Ha yeah, I love Instagram! And right, I don’t really bake for the office anymore. I have been doing a few things, but not much. I think my coworkers probably aren’t too happy about that.

  2. I agree! Bring it back! And thanks for the recipe. One of my closest friends is a Celiac and every time he come over for dinner I try some version of a flourless chocolate cake. This one looks divine!

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