more homemade tacos

Tacos with homemade tortillas

More about my new tortilla press — I’m addicted now. I didn’t know tacos could be this good. My next try was a bit more improvised, and I can’t quite tell you how I made it.  The shrimp was a little spicy with onion, garlic, cumin, and maybe some cilantro. I cooked that up fast in a skillet. The inspirationfor the sauce comes from a Sam the Cooking Guy recipe made with some canned chipotle chiles in adobo sauce, but I fancied it up a bit with heavy cream and a few other tweaks. Basically I just kept tasting it along the way until I was happy. These turned out so well. I really can’t rave enough about having my own tortilla press.

12 thoughts on “more homemade tacos

  1. I’ve been dying to get one of those to make tortillas and flatbreads… a nice, simple one and not the $100 model. Yours look just perfect. Kudos and happy eating.

  2. Alright…I may have to go grab a tortilla press. I’ve made them at home before, but it was through the exhausting process of using a small skillet to carefully squish them out into the right shape. I was dumb and made a huge batch, so the whole process took f-o-r-e-v-er.

  3. those cookbooks by sam are really good.
    i was quite shocked at how many easypeasy recipes there were in there.
    these tacos, of course, look amazing.
    and what the person above said about a tortilla press, I totally agree!

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