more Aran love — gluten-free clafoutis

Brown-Butter-Candied Apple Clafoutis

So you already know how much I love Aran Goyoaga’s Small Plates & Sweet Treats, but I’m going to say it again — the book is amazing. This Brown Butter-Candied Apple Clafoutis is just the kind of thing I’d given up on making at home after going gluten-free. Brown and crumbly desserts just weren’t in the cards for me any more. Then I spotted this recipe and had to try it.  Besides the combination of almond flour and tapioca starch, there isn’t actually much to it. You cook down a bunch of sliced apples, but that’s easy to do. Yes, I’m saying that this gluten-free dessert is not only incredibly yummy, but that it’s totally easy to make too. Sadly I have no other photos. It’s the kind of dessert that once you serve it to friends, it’s going to disappear really fast. Snap your photos while you can, because I was too busy eating it.


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